The Minimalist

The other Design Theme that I find complementary to the Modern and Contemporary Designs is Minimalism. A White Wash Canvas is often used in Minimalism Concepts to create the clean look. Clean, geometrical lines are then used to further declutter the visuals. Besides decluttering the visual objects in Minimalism, colours are also decluttered as well. This reads minimum […]

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Modern and Contemporary Eras

Modern and Contemporary – These are 2 commonly heard design themes that a lot of people had used for their homes. The themes Modern and Contemporary are often used interchangeably. But not many knew the differences between the 2 and that these 2 terms actually refers to different eras of art movement. The Modern Era […]

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The Roof Above

Before we can talk about any interior design, we need to find the place to design. i.e, the apartment itself. Looking at the current private property market in Singapore, which was still on the rise, it would be crazy for me to jump into the red hot market only to be burnt later. Looking at […]

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A Beginning to a New Journey…

A warm welcome to “All Roads Lead to Home”. This is a blog that will document my pathway to creating my Perfect Home and Sanctuary. A roof over one’s head used to be a need or necessity. Nowadays, it has developed into a “want”. Home ownership in the modern City-State of Singapore has also became […]

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