A Beginning to a New Journey…

A warm welcome to “All Roads Lead to Home”. This is a blog that will document my pathway to creating my Perfect Home and Sanctuary. A roof over one’s head used to be a need or necessity. Nowadays, it has developed into a “want”. Home ownership in the modern City-State of Singapore has also became a natural thing. In Singapore, more than 80% of her citizens owns their home, an exceptionally high percentage of home ownership compared to other countries. This is made possible through a 40 year effort by the government to build public housings. As such, the public housings in Singapore are not the same poorly maintained public housings that you will expect to see in other countries.

Singapore’s public housings can be more beautifully designed than some private condominiums that you find elsewhere. Due to land being a scarce resource in Singapore, the only way to cater for the housing needs of her population is to build upwards. Hence, landed homes are highly sought after and extremely pricey in this small Island State. The property market in the recent 4 to 5 years had been on an incredible boom. Well, you can say that I will benefit from this property boom if I choose to sell my apartment as I had bought my unit before the rise. But, the fact is, if I sell high, I will need to buy high. Its a zero-sum game for most people.

After much pondering and analysis on the saturated market and the policies affected by the recent politics in Singapore, I decided to sell my 3 bedroom (known as a 5 Room HDB flat in Singapore context) apartment last month. Why are there “5 Rooms” when there are only 3 bedrooms? This is because, the authority included the Living Room and Dining Room in their room count. Hence, the 5-Room terminology. The sale of my apartment meant that I am in the hunt for a new place to make my home. It will be a long hunt which may take 1 or 2 years. I am fortunate to be able to patiently monitor the market for the right time to buy my next home at the right price as I will be moving in with my parents.

The sale, marks the beginning of a new journey to find my new Abode.

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