Panton Chair ~ Zig Zag Curves

Although my Significant Other would tell me that Verner Panton’s Panton Chair look ugly, like how she always said that the Zig Zag Chair looks terrible, I had always felt the opposite about these 2 chairs. What is common between us is probably that we found both chairs to be having similar “Z” Shaped profiles. […]

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Barcelona ~ Fit for a King

After posting the works of so many maestro of the Mid-Century Modern Design Movement, how can I miss this classic piece by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe? I am talking about the Barcelona Chair. Not often mentioned, this is not a solo work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. His Co-Designer is seldom given the recognition showered on […]

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Grande Papilio ~ Putting Subconscious into Design

It all begins with Naoto Fukasawa designing the Papilio Dining Chair for B&B Italia in 2008. The Papilio’s uniqueness lies with its appearance of a continuous form from a single material. A year later, Naoto Fukusawa adopted the basic shape and new principles from his observations of people’s natural sitting behaviours to create an armchair and Ottoman set for B&B Italia – the […]

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Eames House Bird ~ From Art to Fame

Charles and Ray Eames had never intended to put this object into production. For over fifty years, this black bird display ornament stood quietly in the centre of their own living room away from the fame that its cousins are getting after being brilliantly created by its owners. Vitra’s re-production – Dubbed the Eames House Bird […]

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