La Chaise ~ Sculpture, Chaise Lounge, Chair

The La Chaise is a sculptural Chaise Lounge designed in 1948 by husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames. Produced by Vitra, the fluid and organically shaped La Chaise was designed for a competition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The La Chaise was inspired by the Floating Figure, a 1927 bronze sculpture by French-American Artist, Gaston Lachaise. Having known the source of inspiration of the La Chaise, we can also see where the inspiration for the name comes from. An interesting fact is, “La Chaise” means “The Chair” in French. Let’s see if you can spot the silhouette of the Floating Figure in the design of La Chaise. Although the La Chaise was inspired by the Floating Figure sculpture, the outline also reminds me of a little bird. In my opinion, this is art at it best, providing different interpretations in one. The picture from Vitra’s website shows how well the La Chaise stands in solitaire as a sculpture.

Vitra La Chaise, by Charles & Ray Eames (1948)

Bronze Sculpture, the Floating Figure by Gaston Lachaise (1927)

The Eames La Chaise from different angles (Pictures from Vitra Website)

When I first see it in real at Space Furniture Singapore, I was blown away by its presence and sculptural form. It would appear to many as an uncomfortable piece of seating, my wife included. However, try sitting on it and you will be amazed how comfortable it is. Even though the La Chaise was inspired by the Floating Figure, you do not have to sit like the Floating Figure to get comfortable. It in fact, supports different sitting positions in great comfort. You could choose to sit upright or lie sideways and you can be equally at ease. Here are more pictures from Vitra’s website and from around the world wide web. A motif had also been created by Graphic Designer Michael Levy for this masterpiece.

La Chaise Motif by Michael Levy ~ See the silhouette of the bird?

Eames La Chaise in the company of Eames Elephants (Pictures from Rex Kelly Blog)

La Chaise La Chaise Everywhere… It’s a Proof of it’s Popularity!

The Many Faces of Eames La Chaise (Pictures from Vitra Website)

In case you are wondering how to lounge in a La Chaise, Vitra’s Website and Zegna’s Advertisement shows you how.

The La Chaise is one of my favourite modern classic piece. It is an art, a sculpture and a functional seat all rolled into one. The white seat with wooden base fits perfectly into my colour palette as well. Will this become part of my collection? It depends. Why so when I love it so much? This is because, La Chaise has a considerably big footprint. It takes up space, and in Singapore, space is at a premium. So, it really depends on the size apartment that I will be getting in the future. It must have a Master Bedroom big enough to accommodate the La Chaise. Why not put it in a Living Room, some may ask. Well, its not too difficult to answer this question. Its because, I want it for myself! 🙂

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