The Modernist, The Contemporist and The Minimalist

After showing several pictures of different design styles and themes to my wife and garnering feedbacks on her preferences, I concluded that her desire for clean lines and decluttered living environment (often highlighted by her reminders of my messiness :)) and her choice of preferred furnishing designs often borders between Contemporary and Minimalism. Modern Classic designs had always been my personal preference. Of course, I have to try my luck to persuade my wife to “accept” some modern elements into the design of our future home. As what a great wife will do, she agrees not only to modern classic furnishings that catches her eyes, but also to a couple of iconic pieces that strikes a cord only in my heart. Our theme of choice had been borned: “Modern-Contemporary Minimalist” Design.

Happy to agree on the route to take in the design of our future sanctuary, I set out on a journey to research and put together the best elements of these 3 styles and seek to melt them perfectly in the pot of design. The first thing I need to do is to choose the colour palette for the place.

To create the minimalist look, we need minimal visual clutter which means minimal colours can be put in the colour palette. As such, the colour palette is limited to these few: White, Grey, Green and Wood. White will be the Canvas of this Design as it serves as the background of the entire house and it is the key colour in most minimalist designs. Grey is a tone of white and it works very well with white as a variation colour. Using gradual tone changes is important in minimalism so as not to create harshness to the eyes. The other 2 colours in the colour palette will be the accent colours: Natural Oak and Green. You will have noticed that the idea came from one of the profiles from Ong&Ong Architects in my previous post that I find a good way of adding warmth to minimalism. Natural Oak shall be used mainly in the modern classic furnishings that I plan to procure as well as in some custom made cabinets and wardrobe. The Greenaries shall come in the form of strategically placed artificial plants in the living areas and landscaped balconies.  

While flipping through the pages of an old magazine, I came across an advertisement on a MisuraEmme range of shelvings. The picture blends my key colours (white, grey and wood) so perfectly that I wanted to recreate this in my Living Room. But after some searching online, I found that this design works well only for large spaces. This menas that if I do not have a long wall, this design may be counter-productive and create visual clutter instead. Hence, defeating the idea of minimalism. This will depend on the layout of my next home.

 MisuraEmme Crossing Shelvings

With the Design Style and Colour Palette decided, I can now move on to plan my selection of furnishings and designs. Let the fun begin!

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