Shell Chair ~ The Smiling Tripod

Ever occured to you that this chair below is smiling at you? This is the Shell Chair from Carl Hansen & Son, codenamed: CH07. Sounds like some secret agent in some James Bonds movie? Well, that is how Carl Hansen named its products. Designed in 1963 by Danish Designer Hans J. Wegner, the Shell Chair is one of Hans Wegner’s most iconic pieces after its CH24 Wishbone Chair.

If you think that the Shell Chair (also known as the Smiling Chair for the smiley face made by its upward arched seat) is an uncomfortable and unstable lounge chair due to its unusual shape and its tripod legs, you are wrong. The upward arched wings of the seat allows you to rest your hands and the curves support your body well for lounging. Somehow, it’s tripod legs are distributed evenly to balance the entire seat. The unstable look is false as there are absolutely no sense of tripping over. The Shell Chair is also sizable enough to be the focal piece in a Living Room even when it is placed beside a 3 seater sofa. The three-dimensional design are best viewed from all angles, meaning that it will look good in a large lounging area or living room where its back will also be visible.

Carl Hansen & Son CH07 Shell Chairs in Lounges

This is one piece of modern classic that I easily got the stamp of approval from my other half. She loves it too, well sort of. 🙂 At least this is a piece of furnishing that she praises without any “recommendations” from me. This is a definite must have for me. It is likely to be placed in the Living Room. Looking at the numerous fabric options and wood choices, I could easily match it with other iconic pieces that I had planned to get while maintain it in the usual colour palette: Grey Fabric with Natural Oak.

My Natural Choice of Combination: Grey Fabric with Natural Oak

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