Wishbone Chair ~ Danish on Ming Chairs

As with all Carl Hansen & Son products, the Wishbone Chair carries the code CH24. Designed in 1949 by Hans J. Wegner and produced from 1950 till today by Carl Hansen & Son, the Wishbone Chair goes down in history as another iconic piece in Modern Danish Design. The chair got its name from the shape of the back piece, shaped like a wishbone. The “Y”-shaped wishbone back piece also gave this icon its other name, the Y-Chair. As you would have noticed, Hans Wegner got his inspiration from portraits of Danish Merchants sitting on Ming Chairs as evident in its shape very much like the traditional Chinese chairs from the Ming Dynasty.

Carl Hansen & Son Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner

An Original Carl Hansen & Son Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone Chair is hand-made and the seat is hand-woven from 120 meters of paper cord. I had seen the fine workmanship of hand weaving the seat on a video online and I found some interesting pictures documenting this in the below link from the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair site. It’s a great place to find out all about the Wishbone Chair. You can follow this link here.

Hand Weaving the seat of a Wishbone Chair

Danish Crown Prince and Princess at the New York Showroom Opening

Multi-Colours of the Wishbone Chair. Putting the Modern Classic into Contemporary

Let’s talk about what’s the appeal about Wishbone Chair to me. I had first seen the Wishbone Chair in a local magazine that was running a feature about Modern Classic Furniture. It never look quite fantastic at the first sight as it looks so much like the traditional Chinese Ming Chair. But the design grows on me and there are quite a fair bit of differences between the two. I would have to say that what attracts me to this piece of seating is the fine wood work and the hand-woven seats. It caught my attention again after I saw it in a condominium show room where 4 Wishbone Chairs were paired with a round wooden table. The effect was superb. The semi-circular top rail of the Wishbone Chair works very well with a round table. Have a look at the 60th Anniversary Model of the Wishbone Chair below to see how the symmetry in works.

Carl Hansen 60th Anniversary CH24 Wishbone Chair

This is another Modern Classic that does not require that much effort from me to persuade my wife to adopt this chair in our home design. She too, took an instant liking to this chair when she first saw it in the condominium showroom. The Soap Oak wood in particular, appeals to me most. In my opinion, the Wishbone Chair in this finishing, gives a pure and feel of quality material and construction. Don’t ask me why, the Soap Oak’s rawness and simplicity in finishing is simply irresistible for me!

Wishbone Chair in Soap Oak – Pureness of Wood

Carl Hansen & Sons CH24 Wishbone Chair with CH339 Elliptical Table.

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