Terminal 1 ~ Fly me to the Moon

B&B Italia Terminal 1 – It may sound like an airport terminal to you and me and searching the web will probably return you with information of airports. The Terminal 1 is a Chaise Lounge, or Daybed some will call, from B&B Italia designed by Jean-Marie in 2008. The name may not seem so distance after all when your eyes first rest upon this designer chaise. It does looks like a runway from certain views, looking ready to launch you into the skies, to the moon.

B&B Italia Terminal 1 – Ready to takeoff to the Moon…

Despite being contemporary in design, the Terminal 1 is not overly extravaganza or colourful. It is constructed in classic materials and spots gentle curves that borders on minimalism. The monochromatic flow and the thin, but firm metal support floats this elegant artwork on the visual horizon. B&B Italia said that the Terminal 1 is “Elegant, Fluid and Harmonic”. There is much truth in B&B Italia’s claims.

Elegant, Fluid and Harmonic

As a fan of chaise lounges and sculptural forms, I could not help but fall in love with it the very first time I came across the Terminal 1 in the B&B Italia section of Space Furniture showroom last month. Clad in black leather, the Terminal 1 exudes presence and luxury befitting of a classy chaise lounge. As inviting as claimed by B&B Italia, Of course, I had to have a sit on it. Quality is the word. The leather and foam is firm, but comfortable and it serves well as an armchair even if you choose not to relax in it as a chaise lounge. The Terminal 1 is an accent piece, it draws your attention to it. Being a big piece of furniture, it attracts the visitors’ gaze upon entry to a room. As with most chaise lounges, the Terminal needs space and light to bring out its best. If placed in a dark or cramped room, the air of elegance and luxury will be lost to the lack of space.

Need for Space – A Spacious Room brings out the Beauty

Though not much imitated or as renowned as Modern Classics with half a century of design story or history behind it, the Terminal 1 holds well on its own as an icon for B&B Italia’s range. It is equally, if not, more exquisite than the Modern Classics with more quality to bag. Truth to be said, in my perception, the Terminal 1 looks more understated than a modern classic equivalent such as the La Chaise from Vitra given that both belongs to the same price range. Personally, I love understatements. They are statement pieces that doesn’t shout “Look at me!”. Instead, they draw your attention gently and attract you with their passive elegance. This is what B&B Italia’s Terminal 1 is and a white piece would be the dream for me given its over S$10,000 price tag.

White Art – The Perfect Choice

B&B Italia had created one of the most understated Sculptured Form with Jean Marie Massaud

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