W. W. Stool ~ Sitting on the Space of Surrealism

I think I had gone through quite a fair bit of standard stuffs in my previous posts about Modern Classic Chairs. Modern Classics furniture are everywhere, from the originals to high quality reproductions all the way to cheap replicas. They have so much exposure that they may look well, a little too common place for you. But, it’s undeniable how well they hold against the wearing of time. I first time got acquainted with Modern Classic furniture was 6 years ago when I am renovating my first apartment. The designs were as attractive as they were first revealed to the world no less than 50 years ago. 6 years later, when flipping the pages of some old magazines that I had bought back then, these are still the timeless pieces that still look as fresh as if they were the latest designs.

For the next few posts, let’s put Modern Classics aside for the time being and fast forward to the 1990s and 2000s of the contemporary era. The first stop is another product in Vitra’s range (it seems like I had fell in love with Vitra recently) by one of the most renowned Designers of recent times, Philippe Starck. I love sculptural furnishings. They serve both as a functional furniture, as well as a piece of art on display in a home. The next piece of chair that we will be looking at is Vitra’s W. W. Stool.

Vitra W. W. Stool by Philippe Starck

Designed for Film Director Wim Wenders’ fantasy office in 1991, the W. W. Stool is a work of art. Part sculpture, part bar stool and part standing support, the design of the W. W. Stool is as organic as it is surreal. It looks organic like an alien sprout, or even an invading Martian from the War of the Worlds. It would also look incredibly well place in a Salvador Dali’s surrealism painting. The surrealism elements came from it’s larger than life and more real than unreal impression that I had mentioned previously. It’s organic and seamless flow of the construction created a feel that the stool had been born rather than built.

Absolutely Surreal and Sculptural – Some Pictures found online

The W. W. Stool is produced in small runs by Vitra. Hence, it is rare and expensive. From what I gathered, its should cost well over S$5,000 (Pictures on the web are also limited and the above pictures are not mine as they are what I gathered from Google). I will check the price again on my next visit to Space Furniture to make some purchases.

As surreal as it is, the W. W. Stool is as functional as it can be. On its own, it functions as a sculpture. Place it beside a bar counter and it becomes a bar stool complete with a foot rest from it’s little sprout off the tentacle tripod-front legs. Stand beside it and you can comfortably rest an arm or hold on to the large sprout coming out of seat. I would certainly love to get my hands on the W. W. Stool. But it may seem unreachable at the moment. An Art or a Furniture? You decide.

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