Florence Knoll Lounge ~ Timeless and Elegant

A classic lounge was borned in 1954. The Florence Knoll Lounge Seating by Knoll, became the defacto gold standard in the industry and made its way into the “Pantheon of Modern Classics”. The design language inspired even the contemporary counterparts of today. Take a look at the B&B Italia AC Lounge by Antonio Citterio in 2009 and you will find the same timeless and elegant profiling that had made the Florence Knoll Lounge Seating a classic. Like contemporary designs, The Florence Knoll Lounge Seating also comes with a collection of lounge chair, settee, sofa, two-seater bench and three-seater bench to fit Living Rooms of all shapes and sizes.

The Classic 3-Seater Lounge – Florence Knoll

B&B Italia AC Lounge by Antonio Citterio – Inspiration from the Classic Sofa?

The Florence Knoll design is timeless. Despite being more than 50 years old, it is as pleasing as the new designs of this era. This is more so if you take the fabric sofas (leather being more traditional and to a certain extend, less contemporary). This is a sofa that grows on you rather than catching your attention on your first sight. It is very comfortable to lounge in and the back rest is high enough to provide ample back support. This is unlike certain contemporary designs with low back for the low profile looks, sacrificing back support in the progress. The leather quilted lounge seating with its wooden frame is luxurious adds sturdiness when you sit in it. Although the padding is not as soft and cushy as some thickly cushioned sofas, it is no less luxurious in look and feel department. It feels more solid than thickly cushioned sofas in the contemporary design.

Fiery Red Florence Knoll Loungers are a great addition to spice up the Living Room.

Cream Leather looks just Luxurious.

It is a tough call between the Poltrona Frau Quadra and the Florence Knoll Lounge Seating. My wife prefers the classic Knoll while I am leaning towards the Minimalist Poltrona Frau. We can decide later when our house hunting nears. But of course, the Knoll will also have to be in Cream/White/Grey leather. 🙂

Beautiful pictures from Knoll Website.

3 thoughts on “Florence Knoll Lounge ~ Timeless and Elegant

    1. Haha.. This is called passion and time management! Despite my busy schedule with work and house moving, I can still find time to blog because I love writing. That is what I do during my free time. 🙂

  1. These are so fine! I have a lovely Knoll parallel bar sofa and wouldn’t trade it for anything. They just don’t make ’em like they use to! Gorgeous.

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