Mercury Sospensione ~ Zero G Love

The PH Artichoke Lamp may be an artistic piece for admiration, but it defies minimalism with its 72 pieces of leaves. Regardless of how well it conceals its complexity, it is still one piece of complex artifact. Ironically, I love it for its complexity, presence and luxury which is against my theme of minimalism. A main hall lighting that will fit well with themes of minimalism has to be a minimalist ceiling fixture itself. One such light is the Mercury Sospensione by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide.

Designed in 2007, Ross Lovegrove’s creation resembles, well, pebbles of mercury floating in the air. The effect is very much like liquid mercury under Zero-G conditions in space. It can be ceiling mounted or dropped down as a suspension light. These large-sized pebbles with chrome finishes hangs under a simple and modernistic aluminum disc. The light is glare-free as the light source shines upwards, from a concealed location in the pebbles. The aluminum disc reflects the upward directional light source back downwards to the floating pebbles. These curvaceous pebbles in turn, reflect the light in different directions onto the other pebbles, creating a beautiful light piece.

Mercury from the Side and the Bottom

Zero-G ~ Mercury Pebbles in Detail

During the day, it servers well as a sculpture, very much like the PH Artichoke Lamp. The chrome surfaces also acts as mirrors, reflecting the environment, the movements of people and the natural light that hits the pebbles. It create a fluid yet solid display that comes alive with the movement of what’s around it. This is a true minimalist piece. I love both the Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Lamp and the Artemide Mercury Lamp. But both originals are expensive deals which will burn any man on the street’s pockets. I love the luxury of the PH Artichoke, but the minimalism of the Mercury is more suitable for my plans of minimalist theme. Well, I love both lamps, but if I was to choose one for my future home, it is likely to be a Mercury, although, it would likely to be a replica.

Minimalist Lamp in Minimalist Homes.

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