PH5 & PH50 ~ Old School Charm

In view of the Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke being too extravagant for my minimalist home (more like, it is too expensive for me to get the original :)), I am looking at another Louis Poulsen piece with a different type of charm. While the PH Artichoke exudes luxury and elegance, I am turning to a suspension lamp with an old school charm. Welcome to the PH50, a 50th Anniversary release for the PH5 designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958 for Louis Poulsen.

Turning back the clock to 1958, Poul Henningsen developed the PH 5 as a respond to the ever-changing shape and size of incandescent bulbs and the design maintains providing glare free light. Its design is relies on a reflective three-shade system to direct majority of the light downwards. Poul Henningsen wanted to create a light fixture capable of using any light source (except the huge flourescent light). A new light creation was born, christened PH5 for the 50cm diameter of the main shade.

Glare-Free, even when looking from beneath

Louis Poulsen’s website documents the illustrated history of this classic piece. Quoting from the website, “The PH 5 design has been regularly updated as light sources have developed. The PH 5 plus, designed for use with energy-saving bulbs, was introduced in 1994. To achieve higher efficiency, the metal plate was replaced with frosted glass and the light was painted using a purer white colour.”

The PH50 becoming the Focus of the Room

In 2008, Louis Poulsen released a 50th anniversary version of the PH 5 in celebration of this iconic lamp. Dubbed the PH50 (I guess that the “50” in the name is now for 50th Anniversary rather than the diameter), it comes with 5 new high gloss colours – Chili Red, Coconut White, Mint Blue, Olive Black and Wasabi Green.

The 5 Colours Available for the PH50

These new colours are so nostalgic that it brings me back to memory lane. The design is so retro-licious that it reminds me of the 20-year old pendant lamp hanging in my parents’ kitchen! I like the Mint Blue for its calming and uber-nostalgic effects and it really goes well with a clean-cut minimalist design. The smallish and simple design of the shades should go very well with my intended home theme regardless of the size of the dining room. The idea is very simple. If my next house is going to be big, I can simply get 2 or 3 PH 50s and line them up in tandem for that wonderful old school warmth.

PH50 Matching Well with Woods in Dining Areas

It is certainly tempting to get the PH50 as it is going for 50% off the list price now at Space Furniture Asia Hub’s Mid-Year Sale! You can easily get more than 10 of these for the price of a PH Artichoke Lamp. Of course, you will not get the visual impact of the Artichoke, but it should fit in easily and well with HDB Homes of Singapore. On top of that, spousal support is there for the PH50. 🙂

One thought on “PH5 & PH50 ~ Old School Charm

  1. I have a vintage Poulsen shade but have no idea what kind of electrical component will light it. Can you help? Thank you.

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