Tip Ton ~ Have Fun Tipping

I remember the days when my mum will scold me for tipping chair forward while leaning on the table to do my homework. Well, that is a bitter sweet memory going back nearly 30 years in time (oops, does that reveal abit about my age? :)). Bitter for the scoldings that I get and sweet for the fun I get. If only, this chair I’m going to talk about is designed 30 years ago. Not only would I had been saved from the scolding (which was for my good), I would be encouraged to have fun tipping my chair! I need to tell my mum how kids can sometimes be right! 🙂

Cantilever Legs allows Stable Tipping for 2 Sitting Positions

Designed for Vitra in 2011 by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the Tip Ton Chair is a very plain and simple looking, but interesting and colourful chair. The interesting part about this 100% recyclable polypropylene chair is its non-mechanical dual sitting positions. Plus, it is also stackable and can be kept as spare chair if needed.

Fully Stackable for Easy Storage

Wide Range of Colours to choose from

In an interview, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby revealed that the Tip Ton Chair was born out of Royal Society of Art (RSA)’s commisioning of the pair of designers to select furniture for their new academy schools. Barber and Osgerby realised that there simply isn’t any available on the market that meets their needs. Hence, they wrote a brief for a new school chair and brought it to Vitra. Viola! The partnership was formed and this interesting chair was born. According to Vitra’s website, the Tip Ton Chair was designed with ergonomics in mind based on a 2010 study by one of the world’s leading universities of applied sciences, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). The study investigated the health-promoting attributes of a forward-leaning sitting position. In Vitra’s words below, the Tip Ton Chair seems to have great benefits and I was totally sold!

Tip Ton Chair Advertisement by Vitra.

“The results confirm increased muscle activity in the abdominal and back areas, which improves oxygen supply to the body – and that in turn has a positive effect on concentration. Tip Ton makes all of this possible for the first time ever in the form of an economical and robust plastic chair, thereby opening up many new areas of use.”

The Result of the Research by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

I like the way Vitra markets the benefits of this chair. You bet a lot of us would be able to relate to our childhood times of tipping the chairs forward during classes or at home. Since I like Vitra’s marketing so much, I’m going to quote Vitra’s design description below from its website rather than describing it on my own.

“Tip Ton defines a whole new chair typology: the solid plastic chair with forward-tilt action. Its name refers to the two types of sitting experiences that characterise the chair – from a normal position, Tip Ton can be tilted a few degrees forward where it then stays in place. The innovation behind this seemingly simple feature lies in the skids, which rise at a nine-degree angle. The forward-tilt sitting position, until now the preserve of mechanical office chairs, straightens the pelvis and spine and thus improves circulation to the abdominal and back muscles. Thanks to its striking appearance, Tip Ton is an outstanding dining table or home-office solution; it is also ideal for use in restaurants, conference and meeting spaces and educational institutions.”

Using the Tip Ton Chair as a Dining Chair, Anyone?

The last sentence is the part that interested me second, after the benefits of the ergonomics magnetized me. It’s proposed uses are not limited to just classrooms and study tables. My plan is to use the Tip Ton Chair in the Dining Room. A white polypropylene Tip Ton should match perfectly with my White Kartell Masters Chair. Its simplicity in design works greatly with my Minimalist style while the white brings the different chair designs together around the same dining table for that all Eclectic Theme.

Tip Ton Chair in an Environment Totally Different from its Contemporary Roots

I’m Torn between these 2 Colours – White for Minimalist or Greyish Blue for Nostalgia?


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