Zig Zag ~ Complexity under the Simplicity

This is one of the first chairs that I had mentioned in my opening posts of this blog. The Zig-Zag Chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld for Cassina, was designed in 1934 using what seems to be a simple 4-piece construction. This visual minimalism was, however, under a shroud of relatively complicated construction. The 4 pieces of cherry wood was joined together using a system of dovetailing. Simply take look at the video link below on the making of the Zig Zag Chair to realise the complex construction underneath this visual simplicity.

The Making of a Cassina Zig Zag Chair.

Aesthetically Simple, but Complexly Constructed

Interestingly, it is also this simplicity that puts it decades ahead of its time. The Minimalist Movement first started post-World War II, in the 1960s and 70s. stretching its popularity till today, the “Less is More” Mantra seems to be what was predicted by Rietveld when he was designing the Zig Zag Chair nearly 80 years ago! Of course, Rietveld’s design was probably based on the “De Stijl” movement more than predicting the Minimalism of the future. However, one cannot undermine the fact that the Master’s work is so well designed and is capable of standing the test of time that the Zig Zag Chair earned its place in the Museum of Modern Art.

“Less is More” – One Continuous Line Completes the Zig Zag Chair’s Side Profile

Being in the business, Cassina has to move with times. Despite the Zig Zag Chair’s futuristic design, it is still, by standards, classic in it’s cherry wood finishing. Contemporary designs are ever-changing and the trend at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, AKA Milan Fair is bright colours. How could Cassina not renew their Modern Classic design with a splash of colours, much like the PH50 Lamp’s re-release in 5 different colours to keep it up to date?

4 New Colours to choose from!

The question to me is, will I get one? I saw this chair at Space Furniture Asia Hub and it was going at S$1,900 after a huge discount. Pricey, but great piece of art. It will never be easy to justify this price tag to my other half given the simplicity in its looks. Probably, asking her to watch the video of the making of this Master Piece may help. Nevertheless, its a piece that will sit comfortably in my now new Design Theme: Eclectic Minimalism.


From the Study, to the Library, to the Dining Table, the Zig Zag Chair is at Ease

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