Xilos Simplice ~ Simply Elegance

Last weekend, my wife and I were casually browsing in a furniture shop that are selling Italian Furniture. There were a couple of familiar pieces which I doubt are the real McCoy. I simply assumed that they are replicas and moved on. This is until I casually asked for the price of a contemporary sofa which is pretty well designed. I got a shock when I heard the price of S$10,000 before discount for a brand which I couldn’t even recall now. That made me wondered whether the pieces of “replicas” are the real thing. I ran a check online for the retailer’s website and checked out the brands that they carry. Indeed, these “replicas” are indeed replicas. I shall not mention the brand, but I managed to find the brand online and discovered that they are not cheap despite being replicas. The products that they are replicating are mainly from B&B Italia Maxalto. Although they still cost a fraction of B&B Italia Maxalto’s price, it is still over priced for my acceptability. Nevertheless, there is a low table (coffee table) that my wife took notice. Sitting at one setting of leather sofas in a low black oak colour low table with cross legs. I recognised it instantly as the round low table from B&B Italia Maxalto’s Xilos Simplice Collection.

Maxalto Xilos Low Table in Dark Oak

One of B&B Italia’s long standing designer, Antonio Citterio created the Maxalto Xilos Low Table in 2002. The Xilos Low Table is made up of simple geometries and oozes quality with its fine finishing and elegant looks. It comes with either Round or Square Table Tops with the same leg designs. In particularly, I love the Light Oak finishing which I feel, makes a room feel bigger and less “constrained” which is associated with dark rooms (defined by dark finishing such as Dark Oak). I do admit that dark wood tones gives a warmer feel to the design, but it darkens the environment which is not to my liking.

Round Top Xilos Low Table

Square Top Xilos Low Table

What drew my attention to this Low Coffee Table is during my visit to Space Asia Hub where I first catch a glimpse and feel the quality of the Maxalto range of products by B&B Italia. It’s geometry simplicity brings about elegance and adds to the Minimalist Theme that I am striving for. It should make a perfect match with my Living Room layout.

B&B Italia’s Charles Sectional Sofa with Maxalto Clio Armchairs and Maxalto Xilos Low Table in Light Oak! (Pictures from: Creative Spaces)

Round Top Xilos can be found in this Minimalist Home with B&B Italia’s, (Pictures from: Creative Spaces)

The Dark Oak Finishing Strikes again! It just spells luxury.

<UPDATE> In the Xilos Simplice Collection, there is also the Dining Table which is essentially a Xilos Low Table elevated to the dining height. Similarly, it is available both as in Square and Round top. In 2012, Maxalto updated the Xilos Simplice Collection to include the option of having a Calacatta Marble or Emperador Marble added to the dining table top. Recently, the Dark Oak finishing of Maxalto’s range had been growing on me and I could no longer deny that it is better looking than the calmer, Zen bias Brushed Light Oak finishing. The Dark Oak looks warmer and more sophisticated than the Brushed Light Oak and feels more luxurious. The Brushed Light Oak is certainly the choice for Minimalist Route, but my unwavering faith in Minimalism is now shaken by Maxalto’s Dark Oak finishing. Looks like I will have a tough “fight” to take before I can make up my mind. 🙂

The Xilos Dining Table is available in both Round and Square Tops as Well.

Maxalto Xilos Dining Table with Acanto Chairs – Pure Luxury.

The Brushed Light Oak Xilos Dining Table goes well with both Modern Classic Carl Hansen Wishbone Chairs and Contemporary Maxalto Calipso Chairs.

2012 Maxalto Xilos Dining Table saw the addition of a Marble Top Option (All Pictures above from B&B Italia Website).

2 thoughts on “Xilos Simplice ~ Simply Elegance

  1. Hi I am in love with the Maxalto Xilos coffee & dining table too. Being a chinese, I like round tables but have been looking around for modern ones until I found this brand.

    Are you familiar with Sancal, the spanish brand? Would like to seek your opinion on whether the midori dining chairs will be able to match the maxalto dining table. I will be opting for all the dark oak finish and marble top for dining.

    1. Hi Emg Chuan,

      I totally agree with you on the attractiveness of the Xilos and your choice of dark oak finishing and marble top brings a sense of nostalgia for me in Singapore. I vividly remember my younger days where marble topped round tables with wooden legs are popular choices with Chinese families.

      Sorry to deviate. 🙂 Sancal does have really nice pieces of furnishings and I’m more than happy to share my humble opinions on the Midori chairs.

      The Midori has an elegant and formal design. It’s thickly padded seats and backrests are excellent for comfort as well. Although the Midori chair is geometrical with linear lines, it will still match well with the round Xilos dining table. This is because both the table and the chairs exudes class and elegance and these formal lines can become the common denominator in design language between the 2 pieces of furniture.

      In my humble opinion, the most suitable choice of finishing for the Midori Chair to match your selection of a dark oak Xilos table, would be dark-stained ash finishing (Stain Colour Codes 004, 006, 030 or 108). You need to take some photos and compare them side by side to make the best judgement calls.

      The contrast between the white Xilos marble top can also be complemented by a selection of off-white leather upholstery for the Midori chairs to further harmonize the setup.

      Final Setup:
      Xilos Table = White Marble Top with Dark Oak Legs.
      Midori Chairs = White/Off-White Leather Upholstery with Dark-Stained Ash Frames

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      P.S. Great choice of chairs! 🙂

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