Home Libraries for the Book Lovers

This post is for book lovers who would be proud to showcase their collection of books. To some, a book is just a bounded pieces of paper. To others, a book is a compilation of knowledge and imagination. I am, one of the latter for I even love to write, not to mention read. I love the sight of large bookshelves displaying all the books on them. You may be thinking that I love libraries, which is why this topic is going to be about Home Library ideas. These are ideas that I had sourced all over the net and found them to be in my good books (pun intended).

There are basically a few ways to display (or store to some) your book collections at home. Let me name as the few best options to me:

1. Traditional Study Room or Library

Traditionally, Libraries are dedicated rooms or even buildings where books are stored. With a dedicated room, you are able to maximize storage and volume. This works beautifully if you have a house big enough to dedicate a room to storing your huge collection of books. For many apartment dwellers like me, space is not a luxury. Often then not, a Home Library is more like a Study Room with desks and chairs and a couple of bookshelves to store that few books in possession. However, hope is not lost and if you are able to draw out a small room in your apartment, you can still make a beautiful Home Library. See what the Internet can show you in the picture below.

This is my favourite small Home Library in an Apartment

The use of a round table in the center of the room gives space for reading and lots of shelf space using 3 walls. Its clever use of individual single shelves lined up along the windows makes full use of what will otherwise be dead space. Knocking down the walls to replace them with glass walls and take away the doors is good strategy. It lets in plenty of light and brighten up the room. However, this needs to be done carefully as books do not love too much light. Light is bad for books!

Traditional and Luxurious. I would love to stay in this cosy Library for Hours!

Neat Reading Nook or Small Library, You Decide.

This is one clever use of Bay Windows as a reading bench. This configuration makes full use of the limited space and fills the small room with two rows of bookshelves opposite one another.

Using Single Shelving for Books and the Nice Barcelona Daybed to enjoy a Book

This configuration allows you to convert your Home Library into a Guest Room when needed. Double uses of rooms is perfect for small apartments with limited real estate. This is one of the reasons why I am eyeing on a Barcelona Daybed as I am looking at using one of the rooms as a Home Library.

2. Using Book Shelves as Dividers

This works only if the bookshelves are a display piece themselves. i.e, the books must not take the focus away from the bookshelves and the bookshelves cannot be overwhelmingly filled with books. If the entire bookshelf real estate has been fully utilized, the books will block all light and take away the “Semi-Opaque” effects of using bookshelves as dividers. In my opinion, the only way to fully utilize the bookshelf spaces and make it work well as a divider is to custom make them. In this way, the bookshelf becomes part of the wall and will no longer be serving the “Semi-Opaque” Divider effect. Rather, it becomes a Wall-cum-Bookshelf.

Bookshelf Dividers that segregate the Rooms while letting Light through

Notice that the bookshelves above are never filled to their maximum capacity. This maintains a Minimalist feel to it while fulfilling its purpose of segregating the rooms.

Wall-cum-Bookshelves: They are more like shelves built into the Walls. Some are even acting as Doors!

3. Merging Rooms: Living-Library Room

This is, in my view, another great idea for apartment dwellers who do not enjoy living in large spaces. If there are no space for a dedicated Home Library, why not bring the Home Library out to the common spaces of the house? There are two popular choices. The first is the Living Room. Books are often placed in the Living Room. The Living Room is usually the largest room in an apartment. Hence, making it a perfect place to store your huge collection of books. It also allows your guests to enjoy a short read as part of your entertainment. Here are some great picture that I found on the Internet with bookshelves built into Living Rooms.

The Barcelona Daybed again! This time, it is not residing in a room, but creating a large reading nook.

A small reading nook in a corner of the Living Room

One of my All-Time Favourites!

Great Libraries integrated into the Living Room

One reason why books look so good in Magazines is their Colour Coding

4. Merging Rooms: Dining-Library Room

This is another good place to bring your Home Library out to. The may draw of taking this option is the dual usage of the Dining Table as a Study Table. Of course, in the principle of Minimalism, you will need to remember to keep your stuff to where they belong after you use them.

Dining Room Library: Further Double Usages

As you would have noticed, the choice of the configurations is largely dependent on the size of you home and the budget that you are preparing to blow for your Home Library. Me? Wait till I get my next home. 🙂

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