Eames Elephant ~ Sitting on Cute & Fun

The next stool that I am going to put on my post is actually made for children, but I do not see why adults couldn’t sit on it. It is just so cute and adorable that it makes a perfect display piece even in the Living Room or Balcony not only for the kids to enjoy, but for guests to try sitting on them. It is built for both indoors and outdoors usage and it even possesses the GS and CE safety certificates required for toys. I bet the kids will have fun climbing up and down this cute little stool (stool to us, toy for them). This stool is none other than the Eames Elephant by Vitra.

The Ultra Cute Eames Elephant and its Equally Cute Box

Charles and Ray Eames designed the Elephant in 1945 out of molded plywood. However, complex fabrication methods are needed and it was never put into production. In 2007, Vitra launched a limited run of 2000 copies of the original 1945 Plywood Elephant to commemorate Charles Eameses’ 100th Birthday. All 2000 pieces were sold out immediately. As anyone would have expected, it is unlikely that any of these buyers would have thought of buying it as a toy. Rather, it makes sense of buying it as a limited edition collectible. Unfortunately, this would have turned against Charles and Ray Eameses’ idea of the Elephant as a toy.

Eames Plywood Elephant: 2007 Anniversary Edition in Real Molded Plywood

Only two original prototypes survived and only one known original remains in the hands of the Eames family. In light of the limited run and with the advancement in plastic technology, Vitra Design Museum decided to recreate this legacy out of polypropylene and made it possible to mass produce it at an affordable cost. The Eames Elephant is available in five pastel colours which are bound to be attractive to the kids and adults alike. Even I find it charming on the cute side that I wanted to get one. But I still felt that it will be more appropriate if it is meant for the kids. So, when I have kids in the future, I will most likely get one for them.

Five Colours Available for your Pick

I know these are marketing gimmicks, but look at the pictures of these kids having fun with the Elephant and it will be hard to resist getting one for your kids. The marketing guys sure hit me at the right spot: an Eames design and a toy for my kid, if I have one. 🙂

The Eames Elephant is perfect for Outdoors with it Polypropylene Construction

This is my Favourite: an extremely cute toddler “connecting” with the Elephant (Picture from Gabriel Ross Blog)

While thinking of how to decorate a possible future Kid’s Room, an idea striked me. I could put an Eames Plastic Armchair RAR to rock relax myself while looking after the sleeping toddler. An Eames Elephant should complete the look. This morning, while searching for Eames Elephant pictures on the net, I found a couple of nurseries doing just that! Brilliant representation of what I aim to do. 🙂

Elephant Nursery that perfectly portrayed what I want in my Kid’s Room (Picture from Little Lovely)

Child’s nursery in a private residence in Bury St Edmunds (Picture from Retrospec)

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Clubhouse for Kids in London’s Gatwick Airport


4 thoughts on “Eames Elephant ~ Sitting on Cute & Fun

  1. Oh no! I love this! I din know of this before. The white and beech elephant will be great for my living room. How much isit bro? Is it light to transport?

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