Dodo ~ Cassina’s Transformer

Do you often face the paradox of getting a beautiful Swivel Armchair or a comfortable Chaise Lounge, but do not have the space for both of them? I do. In land scarce Singapore, our apartments are never big in comparison to landed houses of large countries. Of course, there are the rich in Singapore who […]

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Harmony ~ Peace in Chaos and Order

Modern Classics are timeless pieces designed in the mid-century period by Masters recognized today as legends. To many fans of Modern Classics, products designed by these highly revered Masters could not be equaled, let alone being surpassed. Many manufacturers don’t even attempt this feat. Many chose reinterpretations of Modern Classics, taking design cues from these […]

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Thomas ~ Mr. Comfortable

This, is definitely not minimalist, I hear some say. This has to be contemporary or even a reinterpretation of traditional stuff. It’s visual bulk, the resultant of short legs and thick cushion, leaves most of us with little hope that it can be part of a Minimalist Home. The chair in this post was probably […]

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Larus ~ Massaging Chaise

I first came across the Poltrona Frau Larus Chaise Lounge 6 years ago in a local magazine that talks all about style and design. I recalled that I was in the infancy of exposure to designer furnishing and was still under the impression that a chair cost less than SGD$100 and a Chaise Lounge should […]

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