Spun ~ Spinning in Control

I think Kylie Minogue’s “Spinning Around” is the perfect song to match Magis’ another quirky but interesting product. If you look at it lying on the floor, you would have mistaken it for some giant vase lying on its side or some kid’s plaything. The Magis Spun is the chair that I am referring to. “Chair???”, you may ask while looking at the pictures. Yes, you are starring in a chair, or lounge seat if you prefer for its low lounging position. I first came across this unusual design last year on a magazine and was captivated by its vibrant colours and its thread-like texture that makes the Spun seemingly clad in wrap around threads. Its sculptural vessel form is even more pronounced when put upright. This is Thomas Heatherwick’s creation for Magis in April 2010. Its unusual design proves his genius in creating a sculpture with fun and function all rolled up in one.

Magis Spun by Thomas Heatherwick

It is amazing how Thomas Heatherwick is able to come up with a symmetrical design that offers a seat, back and armrests all in a comfortable form and the also to provide the function of rolling fun. Thomas Heatherwick developed the Spun through full-sized test prototypes to establish the ergonomics. You can lean side-to-side with your foot on the ground and the Spun let’s you rock sideways. Lift you legs off and put your body weight in one side and you will be in for a spinning fun. You may not feel that thrill of a roller coaster ride, but when you are unaware of how if functions upon sitting in it for the first time, you may be in for an unexpected loss of balance. However, rest assure that you will not be thrown onto the ground. The instability creates the fun, but its symmetrical design safe-guards you against any falls. All you have to do is grab hold of the seat and let it spin 360 degrees!

This is how you spin in a Spun Chair!

According to Thomas Heatherwick’s webpage, “Spun is made using rotational plastic moulding, a very efficient and low-cost manufacturing process. Plastic pellets are heated in a spinning mould, the plastic melts and flows around, adhering to the mould wall and forming a uniform wall thickness. The mould is in four parts and is machined from aluminium. The process also enables a rippled surface texture to be imparted into the chair to accentuate the form”.

Making a Spun Seat

Great looking detailed Texture

Nice Vibrant Colours to match your Home

Now I see how the texture that first caught my attention is made. This is a truly unique piece of furniture which not many people can accept. Probably, it will be difficult to convince my other half to get one. But if I can convince her, I will most likely put it in my balcony or any open terrace as it is the most suitable place to have fun. After all, a bright sunny day lifts my spirits and appetite for some fun, at home.


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