Voido ~ Art Rock

For readers who had been reading my posts in this blog, I would like to thank you for the many hits and “Likes” that I had been getting. Afterall, this is the first time I am writing a properly themed blog. It is a gratifying experience and I appreciate the support that I had been getting. Although it is small by any standards, I am very happy with this level of support. I see this blog as a personal blog and platform to share beautiful pictures that I had found it on the web and ideas that I have with regard to home interior designs and furnishings.

Once again, readers of my blogs would have known how much I love furniture that doubles up as art. A piece of art can only provide pleasure to the eyes while a piece of functional furniture can only provide you with the intended function. For beautiful designs that shouts “Sculptural” and “Artistic”, it serves its function as furniture while giving eye candy and beautifies the home, making the home a place to look forward to coming back to.

The Voido Rocking Chair by Ron Arad for Magis is another piece of furniture that this dual role well. If you have first came across this rocking chair by the name, without looking at the pictures, you will probably be thinking of a seat with rocking base, either like the famed Eames Plastic Armchair RAR or even an old granny’s rocking chair. You will thing otherwise and be amazed at how creative the human mind can be when you set your eyes on the Voido. For one, you may not even notice that it is a rocking chair. Designed in 2005, I see the Voido more as a contemporary piece of sculpture that happens to have flat areas that you can comfortably sit and relax in as well as rock yourself to sleep.

Magis Voido by Israeli Designer Ron Arad.

Surprisingly, the Voido is very comfortable and offers stable rocking motions. If you sit in both an Eames Plastic Armchair RAR and a Magis Voido before, you will know what I mean. The Eames Plastic Armchair RAR is very comfortable in its armchair enclosure, but it takes you some effort to “control” the rocking motion as there is this little feeling, although not much, of instability in the Eames Plastic Armchair RAR. The Voido is a different story. You can totally relax in it as the Chaise seating position and the design of the rocker form is well-balanced and offers a natural rocking motion that does not require any effort in keeping it from falling backwards. I guess it is the lower center of gravity as well as the sitting position that makes the difference. In the Eames Plastic Armchair RAR, the person sits in an upright position as what you will do in a normal chair. Leaning backwards while seated upright tend to create the instability feel when rocking the chair. The Voido, have no such issues. To start off with, you sit in a laid back position akin to a chaise. That lowered your center of gravity puts an assuring feel to you. The form also somewhat limits the backward motion to give you an additional sense of stable rocking. I would say, it is one of the best rockers I had sat in and I enjoyed it.

The Voido comfortable in Outdoors.

Perfectly at Ease at Indoors too.

Ok, now that we are done with function, let’s come to the form of the Voido. Some websites says it is unification of simplicity and complexity in one shape. Some says, the Voido toys with positive and negative spaces. If you noticed, all the design concepts mentioned are conflicting qualities. It is interesting how conflicting qualities can be put together in harmony. This signifies what I would think, a high level of mastery in art and design in order to harmonize opposite forces. It allows different perspectives when viewing the Voido from different angles by different people. To me, the Voido is best appreciated from the rear quarter view. Available in both lacquered and non-lacquer versions, there are five choices of colour for the matt in yellow, orange, green, light grey or white finishes. The lacquered version is however, available only in glossy black or white finishes. To use the Voido for outdoors, the matt rotational-molded polyethylene is the one to pick to withstand the weather.

Colour your Room! Works great as a Display Sculpture.

This is my favourite, look how well the Voido work with Wood and Minimalism.

Being such an unusual sculptural piece means that it is a conversation piece, best placed in the Living Room for all to appreciate. It will be a waste to keep it locked up in a bedroom. Would I get one? A definite yes, if my theme lean towards contemporary and sacrificing some warmth by forgoing the wood accents in my furnishings. If I keep the planned Modern classic accents, it will mean that there is no place for the Voido despite my desire to have one. Of course, I will need to convince my significant other to have it.


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