The Egg ~ Hatching a Modern Classic

Sculptures, sculptures and more sculptures. I had made a comparison in my previous posts between Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair and Antonio Citterio’s Grand Repos. Both contenders are great design masterpieces that offers Comfort and Form all in one. Being a Modern Classic, the Egg Chair enjoys more “air time” than its contemporary counterpart. Being a Modern Classic also means replicas are easily available for the masses to buy and hence, lesser exclusivity.

The Classic Egg.

All these factors aside, the Egg offers a more sculptural form than the Grand Repos and some form of privacy with its large wing backs that shield your head . If you noticed, the Egg also has that all familiar wing profile as the Series 7 Chair, another of Arne Jacobsen’s famous creation. Have a sit in an Egg Chair that you may find in a public place such as a lobby and you will find its form enclosing, giving you a sense of peace from the buzzing crowd beside you. Perhaps, it is because the Egg was originally designed for the lobby and reception that Arne Jacobsen created this shape. I had not tried the Grand Repos and could not comment. But looking at the pictures, it seems to be able to offer some privacy with its wings, although it may not be as much as the Egg. Here are some cool pictures from Fritz Hansen Gallery.

Isn’t it Sculptural from this Angle?

Turning the clock back in time to 1958, Arne Jacobsen designed the Egg for the lobby and reception areas in the Royal Hotel, Copenhagen. The Egg Chair shot to fame in 1960 when the hotel opened its doors to the public. The shape of the Egg was perfected in clay and plaster in Arne Jacobsen’s home garage. Jacobsen was the first to utilize a new technique to hatch the Egg (pun intended), making use of a strong foam inner shell under the upholstery. The video below takes you through the rigorous process of “laying” to an Egg.

Hatching the Egg.

Arne Jacobsen also added a tilt mechanism and 360 swivel base for that extra function and comfort. If you buy an original Fritz Hansen Egg Chair today, you will find a synthetic shell padded with cold foam and upholstered with either a wide range of fabric or different types of leather (more than when the chair is first sold). Its star-shaped base is now made with aluminum.

Beautiful Egg Chairs under different Design Themes.

In 2010, a 50th Anniversary Edition was created by Fritz Hansen to pay homage to the Danish Maestro with just 999 pieces available. This Limited Edition model mirrors the Royal Hotel’s original Egg Chair with brown suede and brown Wild Elegance leather on a solid hand polished bronze base.

50th Anniversary Limited Edition Egg Chair by Fritz Hansen.

50th Anniversary Edition working well in a Modern Art Settings

Proof of a Limited Edition Egg Chair from Fritz Hansen.

Despite the appeal of a limited edition, I would personally preferred a light grey fabric upholstered piece to match my Living Room colour palette. Another good idea that I had come across while searching for Egg Chair photos on the Internet is to use a green Egg Chair as the accent piece while keeping the carpets grey to maintain the colour harmony. With so many choices available on the market and so little space in Singapore homes, it is really a difficult task to buy the perfect piece of furniture. I guess, I just need to do a lot of simulations to see which pieces co-exist the best.

I had always preferred a Grey Fabric Upholstered Egg Chair over a Leather One.

A Great Idea pops up while browsing through Fritz Hansen’s Gallery.

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