FAVN ~ Embracing in the Danish Way

According to Republic of Fritz Hansen’s website, FAVN is the Danish name for embrace. Jaime Hayon’s creation makes its debut in last year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2011. Jaime Hayon’s sharing of his design philosophy on Fritz Hansen’s website gives us an insight to how appropriate this sofa is named. Just take a look at the great pictures from Fritz Hansen Gallery below to feel that design language. Jaime Hayo said, “I wanted to create a form that embraces you, something really organic, that’s why we named it FAVN. I wanted the sofa to be based on a shell. A shell, being hard on the outside, soft and welcoming on the inside. Protective and warm.” Jaime Hayon also shared how Arne Jacobsen’s work with Fritz Hansen influenced his design of FAVN, “FAVN is an evolution of Fritz Hansen’s design language that brings together the qualities of Spanish and Danish design. FAVN is picking up from the long tradition of Arne Jacobsen in the sense that I wanted to create a form that was based on a shell, like the Egg™ and the Swan™ which looks equally beautiful from all angles.”

FAVN – Hard on the Outside, Soft and Inviting on the Inside.

If you take a look at the great FAVN pictures from Fritz Hansen’s website below, especially the pictures of the FAVN with the Egg Chair, you will find the consistency is design language with Arne Jacobsen’s works. When I first came across the FAVN at Space Asia Hub 3 months back, the thought that it could an old design by Arne Jacobsen recovered from the archives of Fritz Hansen. There is so much synergy and cohesion between the Egg Chair placed beside the FAVN that triggered my thoughts. Great work there. I only knew that it was a design by Jaime Hayon only after I read about it when I do a research online. I am sure Jamie Hayon’s creative design would be timeless and still remain a classic even when you look at it 20 or 30 years down the road. The classic feel that I got when I first saw this Sofa without knowing about its design history gave me this hunch. I cannot guarantee the success, but we will see the results a few decades later. 🙂

Picture Perfect FAVN from Frtiz Hansen’s Official Webpage.

Jaime Hayon himself standing behind his creation, the FAVN.

The classic look made me give it an instant thumbs up. If I could afford it, I will definitely get it and pair it with an Egg Chair. However, it will set me off more than S$10,000 for this Sofa. Most likely, I can only drool over the beautiful pictures found on Fritz Hansen’s website. In my opinion, shell furniture such as the FAVN and organic furniture are best placed in open spaces so that they can be admired from all around. Due to their non-angular lines, such furniture often do not feature a flat back that are boring. Shell or Organic Furniture designs usually spots curves and irregularities that is part of the overall design which will be a pity to hide them against the wall. Of course, the FAVN is one such sofa. It will do well in a long rectangular area where both Living and Dining Rooms are divided just by the sofa. This is where the FAVN, or even the Bend Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia will shine.

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