LC4 ~ Triple Mastery

For Singaporeans who are unfamiliar with Le Corbusier’s works or Modern Classic furniture, you may find the pictures in this post very familiar. You thought that you had seen it many times somewhere, but you are just unable to pinpoint where or when you had seen this familiar Chaise Lounge. Did you see it in a friend’s home or did this Chaise Lounge catch your attention while visiting some condominium or furniture showrooms? Neither. You had probably saw it in one of the black and white advertisement prints in your letter box on sale for a less than S$500. Hey, didn’t the captions in the pictures of this post says it’s a Cassina? Where could you get a Cassina LC4 for S$500? Ok, it’s a poor quality replica.

The Real McCoy from Cassina, a Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Lounge.

You know you are looking at the Real Deal when you see this.

The Cassina Le Corbusier LC4 is one of the much copied Modern Classic which had seen many poor copies destroying its quality image. Although the Chaise Lounge is commonly known as the Le Corbusier LC4, it is in fact designed by 3 maestro, Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand in 1928. Available in a large selection of leather, pony hide and light fawn self-supporting fabric, you can be sure to find a LC4 suitable for your Living Room. The LC4 Chaise Lounge also comes with an infinitely adjustable inclination rather than stepped gears to lock the positions in. The ingenuity of the inclination mechanism is simple, yet more effective than the complex mechanisms found in classic lounge chairs or office chairs. A parabola chrome plated steel cradle sits on a matte black steel pedestal. Adjusting the parabola cradle left and right allows you to change the inclination angles without complex mechanisms with stability guaranteed by the rubber that covers the pedestal crosspieces. What an innovation. You may expect the rubber to create a friction that makes changing position a hassle. This is not the case. Simply slide the parabolic cradle frame with a push to get the LC4 into any inclination angle you prefer and it will oblige and stay there. The infamous photo of Charlotte Perriand in the LC4 shows that you could even lie flat down on the Chaise Lounge.

  Charlotte Perriand herself in the LC4, demonstrating its different sitting Positions.

cassina-lc4-3-with-3-mastersThe 3 Masters who collaborated to create an Icon – the Le Corbusier LC4 for Cassina.

Although the original piece comes with a chrome cradle, I do prefer the black steel cradle in recent versions. The new versions with black cradle and cream leather brings the Modern Classic back in line with the contemporary winds today and in my opinion, totally updated its looks with the coolness of the 21st century.

cassina-lc4Le Corbusier LC4 matching well with Contemporary Counterparts.

This year, Cassina rides on the waves of the Modern Classic revival that had been going strong for the past few years and reissues first versions of the LC4 Chaise Lounge and the LC2 Armchair. This follows up from the reissue of LC1 Villa Church Armchair in 2011. Since we are on the LC4, let’s just focus on it in this post. The reissue of the LC4 is now known as the LC4 Villa Church. It goes back to the first model designed by the Master Trio in 1928 for a house near Paris known as the Villa Church Pavilion. Like most Anniversary or Re-Issue versions, the LC4 Villa Church revisits the same design with the different colours and materials. In this case, as what Fritz Hansen had done with their 50th Anniversary version of Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, Cassina had reissued the LC4 in the same leather and colour as the Villa Church piece in 1928. For design connoisseurs, these reissues shout authenticity and originality and is a must have as a collection.  The LC4 Villa Church spots a bi-colour structure. The gloss enamel steel cross-bar of the pedestal now comes with the drop section in light blue and the four support bars in basalt grey. The mattress pad is now in grey hairy skin, sourced from Gascon cattle while the polyester padded headrest is in grey leather, all familiar with the original in Villa Church Pavilion.


 Cassina LC4 Villa Church Re-Issue in 2012

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