Series 7 ~ The Butterfly Predecessor

A breakthrough design is hard to come by and Arne Jacobsen did it with the Ant Chair in 1952. Although I don’t really take fancy for the Ant Chair, I do like it’s successor. What is more difficult than creating a successor that breaks the breakthrough product? The Master did it with the Series 7 Chair in 1955. This path the way for Arne Jacobsen to furniture history as a Modern Classic. The Series 7 was no doubt, a best seller. Made from pressure molded veneer, the iconic Series 7 is defined by the “Wing Back” seat very much like the Naoto Fukasawa’s Papilio Chair designed for B&B Italia. Philippe Starck also took inspiration from the Master’s design in his explosive introduction for Kartell, the Masters Chair, which sold 100,000 pieces in just 6 months after it’s release! The Kartell Masters Chair took the outlines of chairs designed by 3 Masters, Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 Chair, Charles & Ray Eameses’ Plastic Side Chair and Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Armchair. This chair serves as the recognition of Arne Jacobsen’s Mastery of Design as one of the 3 Masters of Modern Classics.

Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair.

Coming back to the Series 7 Chair after a slight detour, let’s look at the design of the chair. The Series 7, like the Eames Plastic Chair, comes in a variety of legs and even arms. The castor wheels on the Series 7 Swivel Chair turns it into an office chair while the long-legged cousin elevate it into a barstool height. Such is the versatility of the Series 7. The most beautiful part of the Series 7 is undeniably its iconic back. It is the curve and contour of the seat that defines the Series 7 and draws its attraction from. It may look simple, but tale a look at the video below and for the layman, you will be amazed by the process of molding soft pieces of veneer into the beautiful seat. Arne Jacobsen had been described as visionary in “exploiting the possibilities of lamination to perfection”. This is the level of praise Arne Jacobsen receives for the “breakthrough of the breakthrough”, considering the Ant Chair as the first breakthrough. Enjoy the pictures from Fritz Hansen Gallery.

The Making of a Series 7 Chair.

Beautiful Silhouette of the Series 7.

Great for the Dining Table.

Series 7 Galore!

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