Sidus ~ A Touch of Class and Luxury

I had always seen B&B Italia’s Maxalto Collection as the ultimate luxury. Just take a visit to Space Asia Hub and look at the settings of Maxalto displays. For those who had not been to Space Asia Hub in Singapore, Space Asia Hub is a huge 40,000 square feet showroom that were refreshed from 3 blocks of conservation colonial buildings. Some of the premium brands that Space Furniture carry were beautifully displayed in dedicated sections meticulously designed by representatives from the brands to exhibit their products in an interior design platform. Instead of seeing displays of cabinets or chairs in one corner, you will see well matched mockups of various rooms in a house using products from a particular brand. Of course, some speciality brands gets mixed in for the complete look. For example, in the Giorgetti Dining Room, hangs a beautiful 50th Anniversary Edition of the Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Lamp (since Giorgetti doesn’t produce lamps).

Isn’t this simply Classic Luxury with great craftsmanship to boot!??

Walking into the Maxalto section, I vividly recalled a living area with an elegant and luxurious desk at the other corner. The curvacous edge of the table top is supported 2 wooden legs in the shape of an “X”. The entire setting is so luxuriously presented that I wish I could decorate my home just like that. This is the power of the interior design and the aptly selected lighting to bring out the mood the designer wanted. You can be sure that it will look and feel totally different if you are to buy all the furnishings back and put them in your Living Room. The colour coordination, materials of the furnishing and the lighting all work together to present that desired setting. Nevertheless, I still fall for it. The table from Maxalto that I am talking about is the Sidus by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto, designed in 2004.

Kidney Bean Shaped Sidus Table with Drawers.

The Sidus Desk is a small writing desk, suitable for a cozy and luxurious study room or an adjoining Lounge area for the large Master Bedroom you may have. There are 3 different types of Maxalto Sidus Desks. One version has a Kidney Bean shaped table top and drawers. Another version is a rectangular table top with curved ends and drawers suspended beneath the table top. If you like it without the drawers, you can also choose the plain desk lined with luxurious black leather on the table top, pure luxury.

You can have it in the Traditional Shape as well.

You can also have it without the Drawers if you don’t need them.

Next, we come to the legs of the Sidus desk. This is where it is really unique. Antonio Citterio created this interesting legs in the shape of an “X”. On a closer look, you will find that it is not a simple “X”. It is very hard to describe it, but I will try. How would you form an “X” shape using 2 pieces of wood? Most of us will simply take the flat part and hammer them together diagonal to each other. Antonio Citterio’s “X” is different. Imagine laying the first piece of wood flat down in one diagonal direction. Instead of laying the other piece of wood flat on top of it in the opposite diagonal position, you flip the 2nd piece of wood to its side in the opposite diagonal direction. I know, it is hard to understand. Well, they say, picture says a thousand words. The picture below will paint out my poor description above and you will know what I am trying to say. 🙂

I hope this explains what I am trying to describe for the “X” legs. 🙂

Being the brain behind the Maxalto Collection, Antonio Citterio have been successful in directing the collection of upholstered and luxuriously crafted timber furnishings mainly exhibiting craftsmanship and elegance. Maxalto took its own direction, differing from its parent B&B Italia brand, which may sometimes have taken a more contemporary and bold design route. Maxalto may have been conservative by comparison and creates only more classic and luxurious designs (in my opinion) that brings nostalgia without being dated. Perhaps, this is the design direction of Antonio Citterio or it may have been a direction by B&B Italia. But the direction has demonstrated its success with its popularity. The Maestro did well with creating classic pieces that does not look dated. As an update to this post after posting this last week, it just occurred to me over the weekend that there is a difference between classic and timeless. A classic can be dated and may create a good sense of nostalgia, but it may not be popular with the masses anymore. A timeless piece, however can never be outdone by time and it will always have its place in this world. What the Maxalto has in it’s lineup is not just classic designs, but timeless classics which stands the test of time. The Sidus is one such example, still looking great after 8 years and I know I want one!

Hey, this is exactly what I envisaged for my Study Room! A Maxalto Desk paired with a Maxalto Teti Chair, Classic plus Luxury!


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