Teti ~ Proper and Gentlemanly

Continuing from the previous post on the Maxalto Sidus Desk, I had given a glimpse into what chair I would love to pair the Sidus Desk with. The chair in mind is none other than the Maxalto Teti small armchair. To be honest, I was previously looking at the Musa Armchair from Maxalto, also by Antonio Citterio, as the ideal partner to the Sidus Desk. This was influenced by the picture below from B&B Italia’s website, which showed how well the Musa Armchair would have looked in a Study rather than sitting in a Dining Room. You may ask, since I was influenced by the Musa picture below, why did I have a change of mind? I guess, I find the solid arms complete with leather armrests looks too “Blocky” or “Rigid”, making the armchair look heavy and too squarish.

Maxalto Musa sitting comfortably in a Study Room Environment.

The Armless Musa would be a better Candidate for the Dining Room.

Then, while browsing through B&B Italia’s website, I came across the Teti. The Teti is a similar chair to the Musa, with some minute differences in leg and armrest designs. The main difference that made me put my money on the Teti is that it does not come with a solid armrest. Instead, it merely comes with the wooden frame that shapes the armrests. This creates an airy and lighter look and reduces the rigidity that the Musa might give you.

Maxalto Teti Chair: Doesn’t it look lighter than the Musa?

Teti comes in different wood options and you can even have it “armless”.

Maxalto Max Desk with a Teti Chair from the James Bond Movie: Quantum of Solace.

Both Musa and Teti chairs are made from solid wood and both chairs are suitable to be placed in the same Study setting. The Teti, was designed by Antonio Citterio back in 2001 primarily to suit wooden tables. Of course, matching woods would look much better than non-matching ones. Without doubt, the Teti Chair comes in a variety of wood options and like the Musa Chair, it can be ordered with or without armrests. The frame can be ordered in solid brushed light or black oak, grey or brown oak, and wenge. You can also get it with a upholstered backrest either in leather or fabric. I’m sure that given this list of options, you will be able to match your wooden table of choice without much drama.

As mentioned in my previous post, this is my ideal combination.

Its really difficult to find pictures of Maxalto Teti. So, I got the next best thing –  a Camerich Chair that looks just like the real McCoy to give a better idea of its looks.

I like the Teti for its gentlemanly looks and solid and luxurious appearance. It is a very proper and traditionally shaped chair. It looks like it is taken out of a picture that shows a classic library with a leather tabletop desk and a solid wooden leather chair for the intellect. You can easily picture an old gentleman with his reading glasses sitting on the Teti and working on a Maxalto Sidus Desk. Well. You may think that I am a senior citizen at this time. Sorry to disappoint, I am not one. But this old gentlemanly and formal charm just pulls me to it. Perhaps, it is because modern and contemporary study rooms are everywhere and I want something different. Perhaps, it is the recent idea of having an adjoining private study room to a Master Bedroom makes me want to create a more cosy environment. Or maybe, it is the image of a classic home library with a Knoll Florence Knoll 2 Seater Lounge matching a Sidus Desk in the same room that draws a need for a matching wooden chair upholstered in leather. Either way, this new idea had sunk into me and I am quite adamant in getting one for my new home. It’s a pity I couldn’t find more pictures of the Teti on the Internet.

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