Musa ~ Traditional and Contemporary Blends

The Maxalto Collection by B&B Italia had always been about putting both contemporary design cues together with traditional materials and lines to create timeless and classic furnishings. The Musa Chair is one of the first chairs that gave me the traditional yet timeless feel to a design. To many at the first sight, the Musa Chair looks carved from a big and rigid block of wood and upholstered with leather. This also helps bring it a solid look and in that sense, traditional. I remember the big and heavy rosewood chairs that I see during my childhood days revered by many from the previous generations. If you go look at them now, they still stand strong and fresh after all these decades of use. This is what traditional furnishings are to me. They are built to last, unlike many of the mass-produced furniture of today which are meant to be changed every few years. The Musa is one such chair that gives me that feel of solid built quality. The dark wood and black leather grows on me despite seeking for a minimalist home with oak or beech wood themes with mostly white or cream leather upholstery.

The Original Musa Armchair in the Deep Seat Version.

The Original Musa Armchair with the Shallow Seat.

Rare pictures from the Internet that does not originate from the Official Maxalto Site.

Antonio Citterio designed the Musa Armchair in 2006 for the Maxalto Collection by B&B Italia, a division where he provides design directions. The first Musa Armchair is a deep seat lounge chair that looks all comfortable and ready to embrace you as you sit into it. It also comes in two version with one deeper than the other. The solid wood frame is available in brushed light or black oak and grey or brown oak finishings. In 2008, Antonio Citterio extended the Musa line to 3 more types of chair: The Classic Chair for the Dining Room, the Small Armchair for the Study Room (in my opinion) and the High Stool for that beautiful Dry Kitchen Island at home, in the same finishing as the original Musa Armchair.

The Extended Musa Range: Classic Chair introduced in 2008.

The Extended Musa Range: Small Armchair for the Dining or Home Library.

The Extended Musa Range: High Stool for the Dry Kitchen Island.

Given the block and solid design, it would have appealed to many traditionalist advocates and it will be an easy feat to convince the parents if you are staying with them. But it will be a little challenging to convince the younger partner at home. The Musa Chair, although carrying a good blend of contemporary and traditional DNA in its design, looks good on its own, but may shine even more with the appropriate table pairing. For me, I was attracted to it when I came across its picture in B&B Italia’s website, putting is with the Max Table in the backdrop. That luxurious feel was instantly brought to live and that is very much in contrast with the Minimalist look that I am striving for. Ironically, it is also this contrast that makes me rethink my design for my next home. Can I bring luxury into Minimalism without disturbing the visual cleanliness? I shall look into this point and hopefully find some good ideas along with it. I shall leave you to admire all the beautiful pictures I had crawled from B&B Italia’s website while I search for my answers.

The Deep Armchair in the Living Room.

The Perfect Home Library Partner: The Small Armchair.

The Classic Musa Chairs are Great for the Dining Room.


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