Skygarden ~ Hanging Gardens of your Ceiling

Remember the good old architecture with fabulous plaster ceilings with beautiful flowery reliefs? Well, Marcel Wanders had taken inspiration from his old house’s ceiling and put it into his new ceiling and a pendant lamp design. Given the flowery reliefs in his new design, it is not difficult to guess why he dubbed his new lamp design in 2007 as “Skygarden”. It was in fact, named after the plaster ceiling in his old house in Netherlands. Back then, Marcel Wanders had named his plaster ceiling “Skygarden” and had even “stolen” the piece of plaster relief from his old home when he shifted to his new minimalist home!

Designed for Flos, the Skygarden is available in 2 forms of lighting, a recessed ceiling lamp and a hanging pendant lamp. The Flos Skygarden pendant lamp comes in the form of a smooth, monochromatic minimalist hemisphere finished in gold, white, brown or black. The exterior may look plain for some. You may even mistake it for an Ikea 365+ Brasa Lamp below!

Both the Ikea Brasa above and the Skygarden have the same Minimalist Exterior.

The Skygarden comes in four colours to choose from.

Fans of Marcel Wanders, fret not. The similarities are there, but the differences are even bigger! Of course, the most obvious thing has to be the huge size. Even in its smallest available size, the Skygarden has a 59cm diameter, which is a pretty big round thing, going up to 88.5cm for the large-sized lamp. The size is amplified by the minimalist exterior which shows no details. The second obvious difference that you will see is when you sit down underneath the lamp. This is what makes the Skygarden, a Sky Garden. Within the lamp are beautifully and elegantly carved reliefs of ribbons, flowers and leaves. The patterns feel antique and work miraculously well with the contemporary shell of minimalism.

Antique Floral Designs makes the Skygarden Unique.

It is an unusual but unique eclectic merger between the 2 design eras. Cool stuff, nevertheless. The light source is direct, unlike most of Poul Henningsen’s designs such as the PH Artichoke or PH5 icons which offers glare free lighting. The light source in Marcel Wanders’ work is encased in a laser cut pattern cylinder which casts some light effects. Although it make result in some glare, it has its draws.

The Light Source of the Skygarden, encased in Laser Cut Pattern Cylinder.

I love the Skygarden for its eclectic design which blends so well together. The downside for me is its huge size as it may not be a suitable choice for small apartments like ours in Singapore. There are so many beautiful lighting choices that it makes choosing so darn difficult! But this is a difficulty that many of us would not complain. 🙂

The Skygarden is a big lamp. You will need a large table to match it (Pictures from Flos Website).

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