Aro ~ Classic Fusion

I begin writing this blog with the idea of having a Modern-Contemporay Minimalist Home. Then I realized that all along my life, I am an Eclectic person who loves putting things and ideas from different era and designs together. Despite loving Modern Classics all along, I love Modern Classics of different makes and models as well as different materials and shapes. I seldom fall in love with consistent design languages or set meals that offers dining tables with matching chairs. As I progress with writing my posts, I gradually started looking at different designs from various brands and designers in the market. This exposure triggers me into growing to like other design directions which I previously had never think about.

Traditional materials such as wood are widely used in Contemporary-Traditionals.

One such design language that I began to fall in love with is contemporary furnishings that had been fused with traditional designs. My initial feelings about these designs were “plain traditional wooden crafts” that were pretty unattractive and lack uniqueness. However, their designs soon grow on me and developed into a crush which changed my perspectives on them. Examples of such designs are from Contemporary Masters such as Antonio Citterio and Chi Wing Lo, both long-term designers for B&B Italia/Maxalto and Giorgetti respectively. When it comes to Maxalto and Giorgetti, I could not help but find similarities in design directions from both. Both brands fused contemporaries and traditionalism extremely well to create timeless pieces which exudes luxury, classic and contemporary tastes. It brings out an air of maturity and quality which makes the designs look and feel solid and understated. I find Maxalto and Giorgetti brands for the matured market who prefer understated quality rather than the bangs and colours of the contemporary designs that shouts in your face or even Modern Classics which screams, “look at me, I’m a classic and everyone knows me at the first look!”. The next chair I will be discussing is the Aro Chair from non other than Giorgetti.

Chi Wing Lo’s 1995 Aro for Giorgetti. Comes with both Armchair and Classic Chair.

Removable Leather Upholstery for the 1995 Aro Chair.

The Aro is designed in 1995 by Hong Kong Design Master Chi Wing Lo. The chair is build in polished solid maple with expanded polyurethane for the padding. The solid maple chair is grazed with matt painted metal foot cap and arms connectors for the armchair version. The arms of the armchair looks a little like a bolt on design from the classic chair though. The seat, back rest and arms chair is wrapped in the option of removable leather or fabric upholstery. Personally, I would prefer the leather upholstery for the class and understatement. Wrapping the chair with fabric would have made it look more contemporary which will undermine the class of this chair.

2010 redesign of the Aro Chair for Giorgetti by Chi Wing Lo.

In 2010, Chi Wing Lo redesigned the Aro Chair for Giorgetti to add what seems like more padding to make the chair more comfortable. The back rest now looks much thicker than the original in 1995. The tip of the back rest is now upholstered unlike the maple tip of the 1995 model. Going along with the same logic that I had mentioned previously, I would prefer the original 1995 Aro Chair which looks more understated, traditional and classical. Maybe the original is just too good to be beaten, even by its own creator. The Giorgetti Aro will make a good competitor against the Maxalto Teti. It will be a hard choice for me to pick one. But for the many who will prefer the modern classics or the loud bangs of contemporary, they are likely to choose neither.

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