Raimond ~ Starry Starry Night

Moooi is a joint venture between Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, founded in 2001 and named after the native Dutch word for “Beautiful”. For those who know Dutch would ask why there is a third “o” in Moooi. According to Moooi’s website, the third “o” stands for the extra value of beauty and uniqueness in Moooi’s products. Although Moooi’s portfolio contains designs from international designers, Marcel Wanders, who is a renowned designer in his own right maintained influence and designer selection criteria. Moooi prides its designs as a fusion of exquisite, daring, playful, timeless and modern freshness. I have to admit its design direction does encompass all these qualities. However, it’s playful and daring exploitations can sometimes be an acquired taste for some. But come on! Isn’t these qualities what other plain classic offerings wouldn’t be able to provide you with? It is also these qualities that captures people’s visual attention. Given, its unique proposition, Moooi’s designs are best suited as a focus piece and could easily become a topic when entertaining your guests.

Moooi’s Intricate Masterpiece – Raimond.

This is the first product from Moooi that I am talking about. It is also in my opinion, one of the most attractive designs in Moooi’s portfolio. This brilliant design is Raimond by Raimond Puts, in association with Ox-ID designed in 2006. Raimond is a Suspension Lighting is an intricate network of LEDs sandwiched between two spherical grid-works. These the grids of spheres are made of stainless “spring” steel. These 2 metal spheres act as conductors to transport electrical currents to the LEDs terminals which produces the starry light. According to Moooi’s description, the beauty of light has been redefined by Raimond based on pure mathematics. The LEDs creates the atmospheric ambience a starry night sky via the warm white LEDs that distributes light evenly in all directions. The complex grid structure of Raimond not only makes it look highly polished with modern freshness, but also creates an unique glow structure especially when viewed under dim conditions. The steel spheres melts into the darkness of the room, leaving the LEDs glowing warmly in the spherical form. Hence, looking like a ball of stars hanging in the dark skies.

Ball of Stars when viewed in a Dark Room.

The Double Layered Sphere that sandwich the LEDs are Visible upon close Inspection.

Raimond is available in 3 different sizes with the code depicting the diameter. For example, the R127 has a diameter of 127cm and I bet you can guess the diameter for the R163 and R199. Of course, with a bigger diameter means more LEDs and with that, it also meant more power consumption. The R127 consumes 46W, the R163 consumes 70W and the R199 consumes 100W of electrical energy. Raimond is also available with a version that comes with a remote dimming control to boot. This is pure luxury. Despite having different sizes, the largest R199 Raimond is no doubt, the best looker of them all. Although the smallest R127 would have fitted most apartment living rooms, it does not create the drama of the R199 hanging on the lofty ceilings of a large house of apartment. It is a pity though as this light is really attractive and beautiful. However, one could imagine the pain in changing any of the hundreds of LEDs that was burnt out. For me, as much as I like it, unless I am able to afford a large house in Singapore, the Moooi Raimond is unlikely to be part of my home. How sad…

The R199 Raimond, the largest of the 3 sizes makes full use of the complexity to capture your attention.

Beautiful Pictures from Moooi Website.

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