Clio ~ Best of Both Worlds

Continuing on my topic on traditional wooden contemporary furnishing, I will next touch on the Clio from Maxalto Simplice Collection. Antonio Citterio created the Clio back in 2004 for Maxalto. The Clio is a deep armchair that puts you in thickly cushioned comfort to relax in. Built on a solid wooden frame, the Clio Armchair spots simple geometric lines with a skeletal frame that makes it look light. The thick cushion balances out the looks to avoid making it look either too heavy or too minimalist to the extend of being too “hard” to sit in. The thinly padded back rest is upholstered in either leather or fabric and back comfort is really reliant on the decorative pillow that comes with the deep armchair.

Maxalto Clio in Black Oak.

If you compare the Musa Deep Armchair and the Clio, you will find the Musa look heavier with all its leather coverings. It is the same comparison as the Musa and the Teti. In fact, the Clio looks like a mix of the Musa and Teti to me. It has similar legs of the Musa and similar armrests of the Teti. This is what I like about the Clio. The Teti’s legs looks a little too plain while the Musa’s armrests add too much bulk to the chair. The Clio strikes a balance between the two by taking the best design concepts of the two chairs. Great work by Antonio Citterio there.

Arms of the Teti, Legs of the Musa.

While browsing the Internet for pictures on Maxalto Clio, I got a rare and exciting find of pictures from the Japanese Yahoo Auctions. These pictures of the Clio shows the brushed light Oak frame option which is rarely seen in Maxalto pictures. Official Maxalto pictures usually used the black or brown Oak frames with black leather to create a cosy and luxurious ambience. The brushed light Oak frame finishing with fabric cushions on the other hand, paints a very different ambience of Zen, calm and minimalism, which is inline with my design theme and colour palette. It’s a deep armchair worth considering for me.

Rare Pictures of Maxalto Clio in Brushed Light Oak.

Detailed Pictures Right Down to the Underside and Label of Authenticity.

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