Regina II ~ Classicism on Contemporary Steroids

After several posts on traditional-contemporary fusion designs, I would like to move back to classic-contemporary interpretations. Today, I would like to look at an armchair from Poltrona Frau which readers of this blog may find familiar. You may recall similar armchairs I had talked about previously that bears the same silhouette and probably similar levels of comfort and function. Paolo Rizzatto designed the Regina back in 2004 for Poltrona Frau. The Regina is an armchair with an egg-shell and wing backs, very much like what you had seen in one of my previous posts which discussed the Grand Repos designed by Antonio Citterio for Vitra in 2011. The Regnia has holes lined with brushed metal in the back rest for the all contemporary design. The Grand Repos strikes me with its Egg-like back which bears resemblance to Arne Jacobsen’s famous Egg Chair. The Wing back serves the same privacy function as the winglets in the Egg Chair. Here we are, with the Regina doing the same. Well, if you at the year of design, the Regina predates the Grand Repos by a good 7 years. The Grand Repos is more angular compared to the Regina which spots more curves and has a different cushion design. Ultimately, even though the 3 chairs are shrouded in the same profile, they are vastly different chairs.

The First Generation Poltrona Frau Regina is more contemporary then its younger sibling.

In 2009, Paolo Rizzatto redesigned the Regina to add luxury and classicism and dubbed it Regina II. The Regina II is a re-interpretation of the Classic Bergère on a swivel. The lines of the Regina II is no doubt contemporary, but the classy buttoned back upholstery throttles the design language back to border on modernism. The buttoned back rest is very much different from what you would expect to see on a Barcelona Chair though. It is limited to 9 buttons with thread lines flowing down in an organic, yet symmetrical form. The button back rest design creates a lively, multidimensional surface in contrast to the plain flat minimalist design you would normally associate with contemporary pieces.

Here is what a Classic Bergère looks like.

See the similarities between the Classic Bergère and the Regina II? The New Generation, Regina II is more classy and modern than contemporary when compared to the First Generation Regina.

Alternatively, we can also view the Regina II from another perspective as a contemporary re-interpretation of classic finishing on modern classic lines. I am enjoying it. The best part about art and design is the numerous interpretations you can apply on the end product based on your imagination and perspective. This is the reason I love furnishings which can often double up as an art sculpture. After all, both art and furnishing do share the same function of beautifying your home and to allow visual appreciation of itself.

Clean Regina II for that Luxurious Look (Photo from La Femme Architecte’s Photo stream.

How good Regina II looks in a contemporary setting. It’s plain classy and luxurious.

Getting back to the structural design of the Regina II, the back rest is upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather with polyurethane foam and Dacron® underneath it. The Regina II sits on a painted steel base. An elegant pouf is also available to match the Regina II and doubles as a leg rest. I guess technical specifications may sound impressive, but are often boring. I shall not go further into the armchair’s dimensions. The Regina is definitely an impressive piece and it is in my good books. Well, if it isn’t, it wouldn’t be featured in my blog. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Regina II ~ Classicism on Contemporary Steroids

  1. Can you use this chair as a desk chair. I think it needs to be around 18 inches. Is this chair able to adjust in height?

    1. Hi there, i would not think that the Regina II will be a suitable choice for a desk chair as it is meant more to be a lounge chair with its 14.5″ height. You are right that a proper desk chair would need to be around 18″ in height. With lounging function in mind, this chair is not height adjustable.

      If you are looking for a comfortable armchair for your study, you can take a look at the range of Herman Miller office chairs which offers great sitting comfort over extended periods. For great looks, there are always cool Modern Classics and luxurious Poltrona Frau, Maxalto or Flexform dining height armchairs.

      Hope this helps!

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