Wooden Chair ~ One Simple, Many Complex

I used to associate wood based chairs with traditional, classic designs. Even wood based modern classics looks, well, like a classic. Except that, they are timeless. The truth is, wood based chairs do have a place in contemporary designs and they are mostly found either in upholstered traditionally inspired contemporaries or they are stripped off their upholstery and became minimalist designs in the contemporary era.

Wooden Chair – As the Name suggests, is made from strips wood.

Cappellini has an unusual wooden chair in its portfolio and the name is a no-brainer: “Wooden Chair”. The brainchild of Australian Designer Marc Newson, the Wooden Chair was created back in 1988 and produced by Cappellini in 1992. It is as close to Pop Culture which Marc Newson is well-known for as it is to Minimalism. The Wooden Chair is made from strips of bent natural beech wood in a continuous curve to form the shape of a fish when viewed from the side. The lines are so simple, yet the visual impact created is so dramatic. Marc Newson is able to draw the back rest, the seat and the base of the easy chair all in single continuous stroke of pen. Multiply them in different depths and a curvaceous easy chair is formed. The beech wood chosen for this project exudes a scent of Zen and Minimalism all “rolled up” (pun intended) in one simple package. This is one of the best works I had seen so far and I am very interested in owning a piece of excellence.

It may look simple from the side. Examine it up close reveals its complex construction.

As I researched online for more details on the Wooden Chair, I am met with few words and mostly pictures which I am sharing in this post. Perhaps, as people would say, a picture says a thousand words. The simplicity and ingenuity of the design is difficult to describe in words. It looks too simple to describe, but the results are so complex that I do not know how to describe it. I shall go with the rest on the net to let the pictures tell their story.

The Cappellini Wooden Chair, beautiful in different Design Canvas.


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