Thomas ~ Mr. Comfortable

This, is definitely not minimalist, I hear some say. This has to be contemporary or even a reinterpretation of traditional stuff. It’s visual bulk, the resultant of short legs and thick cushion, leaves most of us with little hope that it can be part of a Minimalist Home. The chair in this post was probably more luxury than minimalist. The frame may still fit into minimalism, but not that thick cushion! I mean, come on, how could that thick cushion be the minimum amount of material you need to create an easy chair? That betrays all principles of minimalism. Well, to begin with, Flexform will probably tell you that there are basically no intentions to make it a piece of minimalist furnishing.

Minimalist? Yes to its simple Design, No to the thick cushions.

Readers of this blog would know that I strive to achieve a minimalist home. Readers would also find that my recent posts focuses little on minimalism and plenty on luxury and contemporary designs. Why the deviation? Isn’t this blog my path towards designing my dream home? Without doubt, it still is. I am glad that I started this blog as it opened me to so much more in the design world. I looked at more than what I initially wanted. It gave me options. It allowed me to make a more informed decision. One could not define that the design is his/her ultimate love until he/she had seen it all. If one looks only at one design theme and fell in love with it, subsequently shutting down all options (by refusing to look at what options are available), it will not be an informed decision. Probably, when the “real” right design came along, one would start having regrets. Renovation and furniture shopping is an investment to me. It is an investment in quality life. This is not going to be a “cheap” investment and I am not ready to feel any regrets over it. So well, there you have it, I will continue to look at all design routes and make the best decision I can for my family and myself. 🙂

Perhaps, its short legs reminded me of the Eames LCW which I love?

Without further ado, I will continue with the next piece of furnishing I want to talk about. The Thomas Chair is a deep seat easy chair by Flexform that was designed by the in-house team Design Flexform back in the millennium. The Thomas Chair is great for lounging I sat in it and basically sinks into the low lounge chair. The sitting position just wants you to relax in it and the soft cushions made of polyurethane foam and Dacron is comfortable and performs its intended function for the user to lounge comfortably in it. The frame can be finished in canaletto walnut, extra canaletto walnut, beech with natural, stained walnut or cherry. The cushion can also be upholstered either in removable fabric or leather covers. I can’t explain why, Personally, I would prefer the fabric upholstery over the leather upholstery for some designs and the Thomas Chair is one such design (like the Egg Chair). Somehow, these designs lend well to fabric upholstery as the leather counterparts looks a little too heavy.

Thomas Chairs from Flexform Photo Galleries (Pictures from Flexform Website)

The question is, will I get one? The Alden Hotel Suite pictures certainly looks inspiring and attractive. It could fit very well into the Private Study Adjoining Lounge of my intended Master Bedroom Suite. But I would like to have a La Chaise placed there for lounging. No surprise, its another dilemma to be resolved, albeit, a happy one.

Inspiring Luxurious Suite in the Alden Hotel with Thomas Chairs (Pictures from Alden Hotel Website)

Flexform Thomas adds warmth to a Minimalist Bedroom (Picture from HGTV).

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