Proof Living Warehouse Sale 2012

Proof Living Singapore is having a warehouse sale this weekend for 2 days only. With discounts up to 75%, how could I not take a look? The only gripe I have is that the warehouse is located in the far west while I leave in the far east of Singapore. So, basically, I went from one end of Singapore to the other just to see what they have on offer. It was a difficult place to find as the warehouse is nested amongst the industrial area of West Coast and the signs are a little too small to be noticeable for drivers to find the place. Regrettably, I lost my way before finally finding the warehouse. The lucky ones would have gotten a parking lot right in front of the 2nd level warehouse. I am not that lucky and got to park at level 1 and find my own way to level 2. Unfortunately, there were no signs to guide visitors from the level 1 parking area to the lift and I have to ask the security guards for directions as the warehouse building is huge.

This is the large warehouse where the Sale is taking place. I even climbed the stairs for a while before realizing that it is not the right place. 😦

Finally, after all the drama, I found my way up to level 2 and began my hunting for good bargains. There are several good bargains there although many had already been snapped up even though I arrive on the first day of the sale in the afternoon. I guess, there are already many who came in the morning and grabbed the goodies. There are many good brands on sale, Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, Vitra, Walter Knoll and BoConcept are some of them just to name the few prominent ones. I tried sitting in many of the Poltrona Frau and Cappellini Sofas and Armchairs and I totally love them! The quality of the leather and the designs are fantastic. I shall not go into picture frenzies and shall focus on just a few products which caught my eye. Pardon me for the poor picture qualities as I quickly snapped them with my camera phone for reference.

The first that I would like to mention is none other than the classic Poltrona Frau Chester One. Sitting in it and feeling the sofa makes me appreciate the skills and hard work of the artisans. While making a Chester One Armchair already took them 25 to 30 hours of man-effort, imagine the efforts to make a 3-seater Chester One Sofa! The seats are soft and you will totally sink into it when you sit on the cushions. This is one of the most comfortable seats I had taken. The classically buttoned back rest, on the other hand, is firm and solid to support your back. You don’t get totally sucked into the sofa unlike the next armchair that I am going to talk about. The Chester One is so classy and classic that I would love to get it for my next home if my theme is biased more to Gothic. Anyway, its already sold to a lucky owner. 😦

Poltrona Frau Chester One with the back of Vitra’s Polder Sofa in the foreground.

The Armchair that I am going to talk about is the Poltrona Frau Polo by Piero Lissoni designed in 2005. In contrast to the Chester One Sofa, the Polo totally suck you into the seat and back when you rest in it. You will know why when you look at the picture of the Polo below. There are basically cushions all around it, from the armrests to the back rests to the seat, are all thickly and nicely padded cushions upholstered in Heritage Leather. The leather is smooth and treated to the soft texture and is by far, the most comfortable chair I had sat in the warehouse sale. The armchair maintains its shape with the enclosure of the main structure outside, very much like an exoskeleton. This design makes the thickly and softly cushioned armchair stand out from other armchairs of similar cushioning.

Poltrona Frau Polo Armchair.

As my focus is on chairs and sofas, the tables and accessories didn’t really catch my attention. The next item I will talk about is another sofa. This is one of my favorites, the Kennedee by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau in 2006 (oops, I’m talking about Poltrona Frau again). The Kennedee Sofa and Armchair are very geometrically shaped. It is this geometry that gives it the contemporary look which is a good thing. The squarish components oozes minimalism and Jean-Marie Massaud adds a touch of class into the design by adding “buttons”.  From the small pictures below, you may have thought that the sofa seat and back rests are buttoned.  The truth is, they are merely cross stitches that are sunk in, giving the “button” effect. It’s a nice touch and that adds depth to the sofa. The Kennedee is deep seated and fairly soft, although not as soft as the Polo Armchair. It provides good support and comfort levels and this is most certainly going to fit well with my Living Room. I would very much love to get the Kennedee, but the cost is pretty high. Even after more than 50% discount, it is still going for a 5 figure sum.

Poltrona Frau Kennedee 3 Seater Sofa.

The last item I will be taking about in this post is a 2009 design by Patrick Norguet for Cappellini, the Scratch Armchair. This is another armchair with an external frame rather than the regular upholstered internal frame. Actually, I had not seen the Scratch Armchair before prior to my visit to yesterday’s sales and this armchair caught my eye in the instance. The beautiful solid ash wood slats gives a nice contrast to the soft foam cushions that makes up the rest of the armchair. A nice piece though and one that is worth considering. I will leave it here today and I will probably go into a more detailed review of these chairs and sofa in separate posts. Till then!

Cappellini Scratch Armchair going for 55% off.

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