Dodo ~ Cassina’s Transformer

Do you often face the paradox of getting a beautiful Swivel Armchair or a comfortable Chaise Lounge, but do not have the space for both of them? I do. In land scarce Singapore, our apartments are never big in comparison to landed houses of large countries. Of course, there are the rich in Singapore who are able to afford either a landed house or large apartments and penthouses. Unfortunately, I do not belong to that group and I often need to jostle with my desire to pick only 1 piece that I like.

Armchair or Chaise Lounge? Often not, a Difficult Decision.

For the Contemporist, there is a solution in the name of Dodo. It may sound like something cute, and very much a duck which is the first thing that comes to my mind. I don’t know whether the designer had this in mind when designing this armchair or he named it after the form. But the foot rest does look like a duck’s bill when fully extended.

Don’t you think the footrest looks like a Duck’s Bill?

Great Flexibility of Use for the Dodo.

The Dodo is a swivel armchair designed by Japanese Designer Toshiyuki Kita for Cassina in 2000. The swivel has a fixed base and can become a chaise lounge with adjustable positions for that comfort that you are looking for. Both the headrest and the footrest can be folded up or down with a single handle. Another lever operated by a gas spring changes the tilt angle. To return everything back to its upright position, just pull the simple nickel-plated steel lever and viola! You had transformed the chaise lounge back into a swivel armchair. As with luxury products, you will often gets to choose from a large sample of fabric or leather upholstery. Without doubt, the leather of your choice will likely to cost you another couple of grands over the fabric options. But in hot and humid Singapore, a leather piece may be the preferred option for easy maintenance.

Leather is a good option in Singapore.

Although the Fabric Upholstery looks great.

I am a Contemporist, but I am also a Minimalist, a Modernist and a Classicist. Ok, to put it simply, I am an Eclectic. Do I like the Dodo? I like its idea of a transformable armchair/chaise lounge and the Dodo looks good in its chaise lounge mode. Unfortunately, its armchair mode doesn’t put much appeal on me as it looks a little too bulky and massive, much like how a massage chair would look. Of course, the massage chair would find difficulty blending in to your decor and colour palette, but not the Dodo. Overall, I think it’s a great package and a very functional piece of design from Cassina. If the bulk can be reduced, it will look even better.

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