The 10,000th Mark

I would like to say a big thank you to all my blog followers and visitors whom had viewed my blog for the past 3 months or so. Today marks the 10,000th blog hit that I had received for this blog since I started this blog in late May 2012. 10,000 blog hits may not […]

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Random ~ Emotional Liaison

Today’s blog post marks my first focus on bookshelf and the bookshelf that opens this post has to be undoubtedly unique. What made me choose this particular bookshelf for today’s feature is in its Design Philosophy. The story and the inspiration behind the bookshelf is deep and meaningful. It is not something that is obvious […]

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Happy ~ Joy to the Lounge

Accents Chairs are a centerpiece to a well designed Living Room. Enter the Anti-Design Movements from the 1960s onwards and you will find that the Accents Chair may now come in quite different forms. Accent Chairs can come as one that is not so striking and one that is defined by comfort than appeal. Of […]

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Jockey ~ Ride of the Room

This chair recently got into my newly created Top 10 List for Accent Chairs. It didn’t occurred to me how good this piece of seat is until I saw it in actual during the Proof Living Sale. Described as a “form of Modern Classicism” by Poltrona Frau’s website, the Jockey seat designed by François Azambourg […]

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