Outline ~ Outlining the Space Age Minimalism

I had been distracted long enough by luxury contemporary pieces for the most of my previous posts and its time to get back to Minimalist designs. The next piece of furniture that I am going to discuss is one of the best in Minimalism in my opinion. The profile of this piece of minimalist art is so thin that it looks on the side of uncomfortable. But look at the infamous Eames Lounge Chair Wood. Who would have thought that a piece of molded plywood seat would be able to provide such comfort?

A thin shell with a thin frame and thin upholstery – Pure Minimalism.

Outline is a series of sofa, chaise lounge and armchair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Cappellini in 2002. The shell is of polish lacquered fiberglass and the base is of stainless steel. The shell is then upholstered in a choice of fabrics of leathers. I was awestruck by the Outline when I first saw it in pictures. The curves were so smooth and the lines were so clean that it looks like it was drawn from a single stroke of pen all the way to completion of entire design. It really does use the minimum amount of material to create the furniture for its purpose, a true Minimalist design.

The Sofa in the Series of Minimalist Designs by Jean-Marie Massaud for Cappellini.

Going first into the sofa, the continuous line creates armrests at both ends of the sofa and a concave bucket for the seats and back rest. The stainless steel frames suspends the fiberglass seat above ground for the right height. When you take a look at the chaise lounge in the series, you would notice that the same design principles are applied with different curves to shape the chaise lounging position. The armchair simply looks like a space pod floating in the air with the thin stainless steel frames making this visual effect possible. The series of seats are screams space age and made the “float in the air” design made the whole furnishing look weightless. The polish lacquer on the fiberglass shell matches the upholstery well to provide that contrast needed and to further enhance its space age credentials.

The Chaise Lounge in the Series had one armrest less and and curved bottom.

The Armchair is like a Space Pod floating weightlessly.

This is a masterpiece in Minimalist designs and it is just as sleek as the Terminal 1 that Jean-Marie Massaud had designed for B&B Italia later on in 2008. The B&B Italia design leans more on the side of luxury while the Cappellini piece went more for Space-Age Minimalism. It is this Minimalism and Out-of-the-Box thinking that I like about Jean-Marie Massaud’s designs. If I got on with my Minimalist Design Theme for my new house, I would want a “piece” of Jean-Marie Massaud in my Living Room.

The Cappellini Outline is perfect for the Minimalist Environment.

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