Memo ~ Finding Memo

This is going to be my first post on beds. Beds and bed frames may sometimes be mixed together in a purchase. Some may purchase a good mattress that comes with an ugly bed frame in one package while there will be others who buy a great looking bed frame and got a lousy mattress that comes free with it. In my opinion, bed frames and mattresses should always be purchased separately to get that chic look as well as the all important good sleep you need to get. After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping on it. It is not easy to find great looking bed frames and there are many designs available. A common mistake people tend to make is to get a bed frame that does not gel to the overall design language of the house. Many will tend to solve this issue by customizing a built-in bed frame so that the design and finishing is aligned. But sometimes, the costs can be so high that I am better off getting one from a quality brand and I can even move it to my next home if I ever need. I had used bed frames upholstered with Leather and Fabric as well as those finished in wood. For those who have been following my blog, you would know that wood is an accent material in my planned design. Experience with fabric upholstery is bad due to the difficulty in cleaning them. Leather makes the setting looks heavy with luxury and that left me with wood, which is easy on maintenance and minimalist on the bedroom settings. The first bed frame that fits this bill is the Memo Bed by Carlo Colombo for Poliform in 2006.

Poliform Memo in both Natural Wood Finishing and Mat Lacquer.

The first time the Memo bed caught my eye was in last year’s Space End of Year Sales Event. Though it wasn’t “cheap” by any standards, it is pretty affordable given Poliform’s famed quality. Besides the affordable price, what attracts is its simplicity in design. Inspired by historically traditional shapes and beds, Carlo Colombo designed the Memo bed to feature a thin profile structure. The legs and head boards are both thin wood with an elegant curve that is not overly extravagant. Chic Understatement is the word to describe the Memo bed. You can feel the quality of the solid wood frame formed from extraordinary craftsmanship. The finishing are great too, with choice of mat lacquered colours or light or dark walnut finishing.

Simple and Luxurious Craftsmanship makes it perfect for a Minimalist Bedroom.

The Memo bed also comes with great looking complements to maintain a coherent bedroom style. Named the Night Collection, it comprises of bedside tables as well as chest of drawers and even mattresses, pillows and other complements to complete a bedroom’s need. Of course, there is always a choice to mix and match other complements from other brands in a coherent way and as an Eclectic, you can expect me to do just that. My Master bedroom will probably be a mix of different series from different brands bound by a common denominator, the coherent colour. A Memo should work just fine for me and please enjoy the beautiful pictures above from Poliform’s website.

There are even Complements to create the Harmony needed in a Cosy Bedroom.


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