Tokyo ~ Where East Meets West

This would have become a Modern Classic should it be released back in 1940 when it was designed by Charlotte Perriand. We know that it did not happen until 2011 when Cassina dig into its archives for unreleased designs of the mid-century. Cassina were not the only ones who knew that Modern Classics were growing in popularity. Several other manufacturers did just the same to wow the crowd in 2011’s Salone del Mobile Milano. The result of Cassina’s exploration of their archives turns out an outdoor re-interpretation of one of the most copied and highly sort after Chaise Lounge of the Modern Classic Era, Le Corbusier’s LC4 Chaise Lounge. The LC4 was re-interpreted by one of its co-designers, Charlotte Perriand to give birth to the Tokyo Chaise Lounge. This was also Cassina’s first attempt at an outdoor furniture collection.

Bare Tokyo without the Mattress.

Tokyo with the Water Resistant Thin Mattress Padding.

The Tokyo Chaise Lounge was originally conceived in, where else, but Tokyo, where Charlotte Perriand lived and worked in. The original was a re-interpretation of the renowned LC4 in bamboo. As some described, it is “a poetic synthesis between human rationalism and nature”. I couldn’t agree more. The LC4 is the work of 3 Masters, a symbol of Human Rationalism. The material of choice, bamboo oozes Zen and in my opinion, is one of the best representation in Japan’s nature. Having an organic design is no doubt sinuous and inviting. Charlotte Perriand’s vision combines these elements of the Tokyo Chaise Lounge in perfect harmony allows for enjoyment in partially shaded outdoors environment of your home, be it a veranda, patio or even in the large balconies of your penthouses.

Tokyo from various Angles.

The Tokyo’s construction is complex. It has 12 curved wooden strips to form the shape of the chaise and the chaise back. When Cassina produced the Tokyo, Cassina offered it in 3 different types of material (teak, bamboo and beech). The base frame of the Chaise Lounge which forms the support for the various lounging positions is in solid wood, again available in the 3 different materials. Satin Brass studs joins the wooden strips to the bars below.

Complex Construction of Tokyo.

Just how does the Tokyo Chaise Lounge resist the harsh environments of outdoors? To begin with, I believe you would have the same question in your head as I do. You have seen treated wood capable of withstanding the heat and rain of the outdoors. But wouldn’t that cushion and upholstery be drenched with water during rain and be full of mould as the water slowly dries off? The solution is that the padding mattress has a water draining polyurethane upholstery and stain resistant polyester yarn coated in PVC treated with an exclusive formulation, called Glen Raven. It is guaranteed to be totally resistant to mould and is even ISO 9001 certified. All the materials and construction techniques employed are build to resist heat and humidity, although not fire and water proof. 🙂 The Tokyo Chaise Lounge is also available with a protective water-repellent cover for the cold, icy winter seasons or rain soaking times in tropical countries like Singapore.

These pictures from Cassina website just tells you that Tokyo belongs to the Outdoors.

But it looks just as great indoors.

If I ever get a penthouse with a large covered balcony or a ground floor unit with a huge patio, The Cassina Tokyo Chaise Lounge will be a great addition given its perfect colour palette that will be perfect harmony with my design scheme.


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