Eileen ~ Cross Legs

Antonio Citterio love to give his collections some updates every couple of years, creating quite a variety of designs under the same collection. To the uninitiated, this can be confusing as different designs can have the same name. Take the Eileen Collection for example, it consists of 2 very different side table designs and a full table. Antonio Citterio had also used the same “Cross” Legs of the Eileen designs in his Mart Chairs, creating a uniform look that appear to be in the same collection, but is not. Confusing? Yes. Interesting? Yes too. Design is an Art and Art should not be bound by conventions. It should be an array of infinite possibilities and it is this “out of the box” property that makes Art and Design so interesting.

“Cross Legs” of Eileen ’03, is its Unique Design.

Even the Mart Chair comes with the same “Cross Legs” of the Eileen ’03.

Eileen ’03 comes in a variety of colours to match even Pop Culture Themes.

Works great as a bedroom side table too! Seen here with B&B Italia’s Charles Bed.

Let’s begin with the earliest design in the collection. Dubbed the Eileen ’03, as the ’03 indicates, Eileen ’03 is designed in 2003 by Antonio Citterio. The unique feature of this side table is in it’s “Cross Base”. Usually, in a Side Table Design, there will be eveningly distributed support legs to form the base for stability. In Eileen ’03, there are only 2 side posts on the table. If you look at the side table without looking at the base, you would have wondered how the side table is able to stand. Look down and the mystery is solved. The stability is achieved with the cross-shaped base that does not join back to the side of the table to form 4 posts as what other designers would have done. This unique design creates a look of instability without sacrificing the important attribute. This is truly a design case of “thinking out of the box” and this is what caught my loving eye. 🙂 The Eileen ’03 side table can be used both as a side table in the living room or a side table in the bedroom. Eileen ’03 collection itself has single layer or double layer top and is also available with rounded or squared tops.

Eileen ’04 takes a step back into more conservative and classic form/materials.

In 2004, Antonio Citterio decided to add 2 more designs into the Eileen collection. An Eileen ’04 side table was created and a desk and table was added to the colourful designs. Eileen ’04 is vastly different from Eileen ’03. It is a more conventional “C” shaped side table with a curved wooden top. The unique feature about this side table is that it is stackable. Many chairs can be stacked, but not many side tables can do that. The Desk and Table added to the collection takes inspiration from both the familiar Cross Base of Eileen ’03 and the Square base of Eileen ’04. The result is a “Half Cross” shape which is still refreshing to look at. The Eileen Desks is fully featured with ready setup for power and PC Connections. The Wood Top/Metal Legs construction is a hybrid of tradition and contemporary designs that are befitting of a SOHO environment.

Chrome Legs of the table is great for the Elegant Environment.

Coloured Legs matches Contemporary Environments such as Pop Culture Themes.

It is not difficult to put them together with other elegant furnishing of your home as chrome metal leg options create elegance and a formal office like environment. Fret not if your home has the accent of Pop Culture. Eileen Desk and Tables come with colour legs too. It is a versatile piece of design that matches all design themes. Nevertheless, I still prefer the “Cross Legs” of Eileen ’03.

Eileen Table seen here with B&B Italia’s Papilio Chair.

Eileen Table works equally well in Dining Room or Study Room (All beautiful pictures above are from B&B Italia Website).

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