Magic Hole ~ Outdoor Magic

I was thinking what outdoor furniture can I use if I would want to create an Sky Pavilion on the Open Terrace of a Penthouse should I get one. Many would be quick to conclude that use of weaved synthetic rattan that had been treated for mould and stain resistance are the best furnishing for these applications. But I had always been wondering what would happen to the cushions? Wouldn’t it become soaked with water and would I need to rush to keep them if it rains, which is a common thing in Singapore? I had done some research on outdoor furniture and concluded that polypropylene based plastic furnishing would be the best bet. Of course, you would need to look for those with added carbon for the all-weather resistance. A simple wipe after the rain would have solved the problem. Who else to turn to when looking for plastic chairs than Kartell? Kartell, being an expert with plastic furnishing products is on the top of my list. The new range of Magic Hole plastic chairs and sofas caught my eye during my search and looks best suited for this application.

The Deep Seated Lounge Armchair version of Kartell’s Magic Hole.

Marketed as an outdoor collection, the Magic Hole consists of a Deep Armchair, a Classic Armchair and a 2-Seater Sofa. The name Magic Hole sounds very much like something out of a fairy tale. The namesake is given to the hollowed armrests of its collections emphasized by a contrasting colour that adds spice to the design. Designed by the dynamic duo of Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell, the Magic Hole made its debut in the Salone del Mobile Milano 2010 and was in production in 2011. It was manufactured from rotational molded polyethylene. Although it is not made from polypropylene which I started off looking for, polymer based plastics are just fine with me as long as they server their all-weather purpose and looks great. 🙂

The Lounge Armchair is shorter, broader and more deep-seated than the Dining Armchair.

The Full Ranges of Magic Hole Furnishing.

The Magic Hole has a clean silhouette with slim legs. The lines are angular, terminated with either concave or convex curves to soften the overall profile. The key to the Magic Hole design lies with the hollow pockets at the armrests of each piece of chair and sofa. This pocket allows you to use it to hold magazines or slot some small stuff for temporary holdings. Design wise, it is a great job by the Contemporary Masters in integrating a linear surfaces with round curve edges and concave ends to break the monotony of the silhouette.

Looks great even when paired with the Masters Chair, also by the same Masters for Kartell.

The Magical Hole that defines this Chair.

The deep-seated armchair and the 2-Seater sofa looks great for the outdoors. It is perfect for sitting under the stars in a cool night, seeping away on a glass of red wine and enjoying some family time. Throw in a small water feature and listen to the peace of the flowing waters coupled with some light breeze in the high elevation will make a perfect night of relaxation. The only issue I have with this magical pocket in its armrests is in its ability to hold water and may possibly end up as a mosquito breeding ground. I will need to check out the depth of the magic hole before making a decision whether it will be the suitable candidate for an open terrace, balcony or even a patio to my next home.

Magic Hole looks great in outdoors, even on artificial turf.

This is how I want to use it, for a Pavilion with trellis built on Open Terraces or on Balcony or even a Sheltered Patio.

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