Titanes ~ Crush on the Titan

Buffet Sideboards are something optional to many, me included. It is something I always wanted to have but is often left out as my renovation budget tends to be diverted to somewhere more of a need than a want. Why do I like buffet sideboards? For the extra storage of course, and there is also the excuse to put a nice table lamp to complement the sideboard to beautify the Dining Room.

Maxalto Titanes by Antonio Citterio with its unique Hinges.

My favourite Buffet Sideboard has to come from Maxalto. Maxalto designs melts luxury, minimalism and traditional lines and excellent craftsmanship with perfection. The buffet sideboard which I am having a “crush” on, was from none other than Maxalto. The Titane was designed more than a decade ago by, who else, but the Director of Maxalto himself, Antonio Citterio. The design from a Contemporary Master can only be of Titanic impact (now you see why the title for this post is so?). Designed in 1996, Titane is a series of storage solutions that offers contemporary re-interpretations of the traditional sideboard. There are drawer storages with different configurations and sideboards with unique folding hinged doors. The beautifully crafted wooden storages sits on a metal frame with a choice of chrome, nickel or bronze finishing. You can also pick your choice of wood from Maxalto’s usual brushed light oak, black oak, grey oak or brown oak.

Light Brushed Oak Finishing – My Favourite.

Close up View of the Hinged Doors on the Sideboard.

I guess I fell in love with Maxalto furnishing for its beautiful wood finishing and its simple lines that matches flawlessly with my planned Minimalist theme. under the same collection, there are also very different designs in it such as the drawers vs the sideboards. If you put them together, you get a single design language in very different pieces of furniture, nicely pulling your furnishing together in a single room. Of course, Maxalto designs don’t come cheap. That is, perhaps the price of beauty.

Some prefers a taller Sideboard for the added capacity.

Small Sideboard or Cupboard? Depends on your use.

Also available in Chest of 6 Drawers.

Small Drawers are great for that small space.


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