Kalos ~ Classic Slide Easy

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at the Maxalto Kalos Armchair? An Armchair? An Easy Chair? A Lounge Chair? A Wing Chair? Or, does the Modern Massage Chair comes to your mind? You would be forgiven if the latter comes to your mind. As a matter of fact, it looks like any of the above! Hey, I did not mean to undermine the superb designs back in 1997 from the pen of the Master, Antonio Citterio. In fact, I do like the Maxalto Kalos for a couple of reasons. It looks inviting and classic. Why “classic”, not “classy”?

Maxalto Kalos showing its legs.

Throw in the Slipcover and bingo, the legs are gone.

The Kalos is a modern re-interpretation of the classic easy chair. It looks a little like a slide for the fun of the kids and it also looks like a proper and gentlemanly armchair. Why do I think that the classic attributes are stronger than the classy cues? This is because of the simplicity in its details. The Kalos comes with simple lines and contours. It offers no complexity for your eyes to feast on. Its short legs took off even more details from it. Pick the Slip Cover version that hides the feet and you would find it even simpler and even more classic than ever.

Details of the Maxalto Kalos.

The Kalos also comes with 2 choices of ottomans, a short height and a standard tall height. I would pick the taller ottoman anytime as I have a preference of putting my legs up high for that comfort. The solid wood feet are finished in an array of options with choices ranging from brushed light to black oak, or even grey or brown oak. Did I mention that the another reason why I like the Maxalto Kalos is, it reminds me of Giorgetti’s Normal Wing Chair. 🙂

Maxalto Kalos from B&B Italia Website.

Fits well everywhere. Pictures from Elle Deco and other parts of the web.

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