Normal ~ Abnormal Attractiveness

I can’t help but come back to the classy and tasteful designs of two particular brands, which had recently became my favourites. Ironically, I used to find designs from these brands blend and particularly old styled. Perhaps I had grown older to appreciate these designs, perhaps I had become more “classy”… Oops, that sounds kind of gross even as I am typing this. I am a Contemporist, a Modernist and Minimalist, but I had never associate myself with Traditionalist or even Classy. It is so “not me”. But sometimes, you can never know how your tastes can change. So, the lesson learnt is, “never say never”. Don’t say that unless you want to eat your own words. 🙂

The Giorgetti Normal Chair Series – Classy

Today, I am coming back for a jab at Giorgetti, a new favourite brand of mine, after I fell in love with Maxalto. My brand tastes had changed over the years. I still remember 6 years ago when I first took a liking for Kartell. My tastes slowly changed over time to Vitra, Herman Miller, Carl Hansen and Cassina whose brand includes a large number of Modern Classic Furniture. Then, I moved to B&B Italia, before becoming more attracted to its Maxalto Collection. Then, here we are, at Giorgetti.

Available in Small Armchair for the Private Study.

You can have them for your Dining Room as well.

I have only one word to describe Giorgetti furniture: Class. It’s that simple. It’s simply classy, luxurious and it look so “old school”. The series of chairs I will discuss today is the “Normal” Chair series. It consists of a wing chair, deep armchair, small armchair, stool and classic chair. It has a polished solid beech wood base frame to support its mix of compact rigid polyurethane and cold-foamed flexible polyurethane back rest. The seat is in methacrylate with non-deformable, multi-density polyurethane cushion covered in fibre. It has foot-caps in molded glazed nickel-plated metal. Upholstery is removable and can be ordered in fabric or leather with bi-colour/bi-material options.

Bi-Colour/Bi-Material Option available too.

Sounds too technical for you? Let’s go into the design details. My favourite would have to be the Wing Chair. It looks a little like Maxalto’s Kalos, with more upright arm rests and notable legs. You can’t see the legs of Maxalto’s Kalos as the Maxalto piece looks more akin to the Wing Chair sitting on floor. Giorgetti’s Normal Chair is slightly better in this aspect as it looks lighter with its elevation by the beautiful beech legs. Its more upright arm rests also looks more comfortable than the more inclined Maxalto Kalos. The Normal Chair also has a head cushion balanced by a counter weight. In my opinion, this made the Wing Chair even more classy and luxurious. This chair is best upholstered in Natural colours for that neutral palette Minimalism or that classy and traditional feel.

The Classy Counterweight-balanced Head Rests.

It has a high foot stool, unlike Maxalto’s Kalos which look less comfortable.

Old School Charm…

This is a great piece if you are looking for a Luxurious Living Room Design. Massimo Scolari had done a great job for Giorgetti. Oh, did I mention that this is a 2006 design? Would I want one? Why not? It will be a hard choice between the Giorgetti Normal Wing Chair and the Maxalto Clio Armchair that I had previously reviewed. I will need to think really hard to make a decision.

This is the picture that drew me to Giorgetti. Space Furniture’s Advertisement.

<UPDATE> I realized that Giorgetti had several nice photos of the Normal Chair featured in their Projects section. The pictures should provide a visualization of how it would look in different settings. Enjoy the pictures from Giorgetti Website below!

Giorgetti Normal Chair in Canada Villa Giorgetti Normal Chair in Space Furnitures - Sydney Giorgetti Normal Chair in The Plaza - New York 1 Giorgetti Normal Chair in The Plaza - New York 2 Giorgetti Normal Chair in The Plaza - New York 3 Giorgetti Normal Chair Tokyo Restaurant

Beautiful settings for your visualization of the Giorgetti Normal Chairs.

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