Warm Black-White Minimalism

Minimalism is usually associated with black and white or monotonous spaces that have sparse and cold attributes. A look at my title of this posts would probably create the big question mark in your head. How is “Warm” ever a partner with Minimalism? Followers on my blog would have seen that the “cold” aspect of Minimalism can be addressed with Wood tones or even flooring. After looking at several colour palette combinations and particular furniture, I had grown to a liking to dark wood tones or even black oak finishing (thanks to Maxalto). This inspired me to seek Minimalist Themes based on these colour tones. I do have a concern that black oak furnishing will make the place too cold although it will fit the Minimalist Theme well, until I came across the Inspire Home Design Website which provide a wealth of pictures to give me some fresh ideas. These pictures below from the website shows how Black and White can integrate with Light Wood Tones to preserve that warmth to the home.

Living Room.

Kitchenette with Dining.

Wet Kitchen with Dining.

Dry Kitchen with Dining.

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