Jockey ~ Ride of the Room

This chair recently got into my newly created Top 10 List for Accent Chairs. It didn’t occurred to me how good this piece of seat is until I saw it in actual during the Proof Living Sale. Described as a “form of Modern Classicism” by Poltrona Frau’s website, the Jockey seat designed by François Azambourg in 2007, does indeed radiate the scent of Modern Classic Design. The colour of the upholstery reminds me of a horse saddle and the precision tailored Saddle H Hide Upholstery alone makes the name absolutely fitting.

The single-shell Jockey Chair by François Azambourg for Poltrona Frau.

Dive into the technical details and you would be wowed by the technology in this otherwise classic looking accent chair. A thin elastic webbing that emulates a lightspring in the seat that supports and ensure non-deformity. The seat thus felt soft and body hugging, while maintaining its firmness. The shell of the chair is made from a single piece of moulded polyurethane foam and is self-supporting. The interesting part is that the shell rests on the wooden frame of the chair and is held in place only by small hidden fixing points.

Its not easy to picture the technologies that went into creating the Jockey Chair. All pictures above courtesy of Poltrana Frau Website.

The ingenuity of the Jockey is its simple support and holding mechanism that binds the shell and the frame.

Now that we are done with the technical design, we can turn our eyes to the form design. The Jockey Chair is basically a two-piece chair – a Shell and a Frame. The single-piece shell has a single-piece back and seat that curves upwards to form the arm rests. The continuity of the design gives a monochromatic flow while the tilted wooden frame encourages comfort in lounging. The seat is deep and wide, very much like the easy chairs of the Modern Classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair Wood.

Jockey Chair – Ride of the Room.

More Pictures from Design Boom Website.

After seeing a picture of a Singapore House in Chaplins website, I got another idea to decorating the Living Room. Rather than the usual layout of a Sectional Sofa with an Accent Chair, I could do with a 3-seater Sofa with an Accent Chair and throw in an Armchair like Arne Jacobsen’s Egg. This new layout means an additional buy for me. 🙂

The Source of my New Inspiration from Chaplins.

5 thoughts on “Jockey ~ Ride of the Room

  1. Hi, thanks for the feature. Great article there. The Poltrona Frau Jockey Chair is indeed a modern classic. We’re glad it’s become one of your Top 10. By the way we’ll like to invite you to our showroom at Proof Living ION, wonder if you’ll be keen. Let me know when so I can show you around. – Ivee

      1. Hi Ivee, I had sent you an email regarding this visit a couple of weeks back. I am not sure if you receive my email. It could possibly be quarantined by your company email server or in your junk mail. It happens sometimes. 🙂 Do get back to me if you had received my email. Thanks!

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