Grace ~ Melting the Style and Class

Over the weekend, I was putting together a pictorial list of furniture that I would love to have in our next home so that my other half could make a choice and give her stamp of approval. This is an important process as I would want our next home to be having an interior design that my family would enjoy living in. To me, it’s never too early to start. Although I am still searching for my next home, all these planning gives me enjoyment as designs are more of a passion for me. As I was putting together the dining chair list, my wife noticed a particular chair that I had included. It is a beautiful low back armchair from Poliform named Grace.

Poliform Grace by Emmanuel Gallina in Armchair guise.

It is available in Classic Chair Style too for less visual impact.

Grace was designed back in 2009 by Emmanuel Gallina for Poliform. The design of the chair can be said to be based on contemporary lines and aesthetics, but outlined with a layer of class and luxury. This is where style, class and luxury are all melted together in a design pot. I had not seen this piece in wood and could not comment on its comfort. But aesthetically, I can say that it will fit most wooden dining tables well. It would even do well with glass table tops and painted steel legged tables if you choose the dark coloured legs.

Plenty of colours to choose from. Above are just a few for some feel.

This is our favourite. Absolute Class.

The basic form of Grace is similar to Giorgetti’s Margot Chair and MDF Italia’s Archille Chair or even Poltrona Frau’s Ginger Chair if you stretch those legs by a little. These chairs basically have a single shell back rest with integrated arm rests in a continuous flow of line. It usually looks homogeneous or even monochromatic if the same material is used throughout the seats, back/arm rests and the legs in a single piece design, much like how MDF Italia’s Archille Chair would look like. However, both Poliform and Giorgetti’s designs breaks that monochromatic look with the natural goodness of wood for the legs. Emmanuel Gallina went a step further with Grace by creating a step in the line flowing from the back rest to the arm rest. This breaks up any monotony and creates a visual distinction on the form of the chair. Throw in the 29 fabric and 4 leather options with a choice of Canaletto Walnut or Spessart Oak legs and you are looking at a good number of combinations that will give you an interesting match with your dining table.

This is the picture that draws our attention to the Poliform Grace.

Internet Searches unveils another angle of view from the same setup.

This a more sensual colour scheme for the Poliform Grace.

My wife was also commenting that Poliform Grace looks even better than the Anti-Design of Maxalto Teti which she had recently became more interested in over Modern Classics or Contemporary numbers. For me, either one is good, although I can say that I am still leaning a little more towards the Maxalto Teti. The decision point for me would really be the price point and the wife’s point. 🙂

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