Box ~ Thinking out of the Box

Have you ever thought about squeezing into a big box when you were a kid? I know that I did when I was young. Taking a page off the Modern Era of the 1950s, the team of Seyhan Özdemir & Sefer Çaglar who founded Autoban Design Studio, created a sofa and armchair out of a wooden box. Just imagine taking away the top of a wooden box, cut off one of the longitudinal side, fixed in four wooden legs and throw in padding and add some upholstery in the inner part of the wooden box and you are right about there with the Box Sofa. The design concept is just that simple to visualize, yet ingenious. The Box Sofa was conceived in 2007 and was produced by De La Espada.

Box Sofa by Autoban for De La Espada. No confusion in the branding when named this way.

I was initially confused by the branding as some would call it De La Espada Box Sofa while some calls it Autoban Box Sofa. Well, I finally got it right after some research. De La Espada is a Brand Management Company as well as a manufacturer while Autoban is the design studio that designed the Box Sofa.

It is available in a single-seat armchair too.

The strong geometric screams Contemporary while the buttoned quilts shouts Modernism.

The Box Sofa has no lack of form. The lines of the design is very well-defined and geometrical, so much so that it looks a little on the hard side. But the Modernist Design does exceptionally well in the Minimalist department too. Taking box and turning it into a sofa may look simple enough as I described in the opening of this post, but thinking of how to do it before you see the pictures is no easy job. I have to say that Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çaglar literally think out of the box (pun intended) to create a pure shape for sitting and add just enough luxury with all the buttons and quilting for that Minimalist feel. The four legs that were placed in a more central position may create a feel of instability. But it is most definitely a stable seat and the closely spaced legs creates a floating visual effect.

The Box Sofa in action in various settings.

My wife took an immediate liking for it when she first saw it. The thin cushions meant that a 3-seater sofa could easily sit four adults without much issues. The other question is whether the Box Sofa is a comfortable one. The thin cushions does not help, but its great looks can make you forgive everything else.

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