Monte, Istra, Side, Ottawa ~ Unique Propositions

Last weekend, I decided to pop by BoConcept Paragon located in Orchard Road Singapore, to take a look at some items of interest. Having previously browsed through the catalogue that my brother-in-law brought back, I had earmarked a few items to see in metal and wood. The BoConcept showroom used to be home to another furniture retailer known as XZQT which had since moved to Kaki Bukit. There are quite a few cool stuff that attracted my attention, an Armchair, a Sofa, a Side Table and a classic Dining Chair.

The armchair is the first to catch my attention as it was displayed at the entrance to the showroom, with a tag indicating that it has been sold. Well, good things moves fast. This armchair has a clean, contemporary design of classic proportions and lines. It is the Monte Armchair that offers a warm and functional design like what you will expect from Italian classics such as Maxalto. The Monte armchair has beautiful wooden legs and a deep seat with thick cushions designed for comfort. Subtlety is the word and Anti-Design has become a must have for me. This is an armchair that will rival my eye with Maxalto’s Clio Armchair.

Can’t take my eyes off the beautiful wooden legs.

The Fabric Monte looks great in a Contemporary Setup.

The tanned leather version looks classy and warm.

Another great example of the Monte Armchair shining in the Contemporary Setup (Pictures from lesfillespleurer blog).

Moving on to the Sofa, it is the Istra that drew my eyes to it. This is a sofa that has all the attributes that I like, but could not find them in a single sofa. The thin profile cushions make the Istra Sofa look light weight, much like my favourite Charles Sofa from B&B Italia. But the B&B Italia Charles Sofa doesn’t have thin arm rests like the Istra although B&B Italia’s George sofa have such arm rests, but with thicker arm seats. Both B&B Italia sofas are also not as deep as the Istra Sofa which provides more comfort for my longer legs. The Istra also spots nice “Inverted L” Shaped Legs as an option which is another attraction for me. A great piece of work from the BoConcept Design Team, in my honest opinion.

Deep Seats and Thin Profiles everywhere makes Istra an attractive proposition (First Picture from Japanese blog, Msliving).

As I move into the showroom, I saw the item that I came looking for. They are small round side tables that reminds me of B&B Italia’s Fat-Fat Coffee Table, but on a smaller scale and offers great functionality with design. It too have a tray for a top with thin profiled legs. The tray is slightly raised on the edges and works great if you accidentally spill a cup of water. The raised edges gives you some time to save your carpets. 🙂 I really like them for their reasonable price and gives excellent function for the pretty form.

Air simply passes through the side tables and makes it’s a great choice for Minimalism.

A gathering of unique propositions.

At the side of the these round side tables is the display areas of the Ottawa Collection by Karim Rashid, one of the first designers I knew when I picked up interest in interior design 6 years ago. The Ottawa Collection offers pure form and is an accent in every piece. In particular, the Ottawa Chair is characterised by its pointed back rests that reminds me of leaves and “split-ends” metal legs that looks akin to the stalks of the leaves, especially if you choose the green colour option for the legs. The Ottawa Chair is an organic and colourful design that sprouts contemporary from the seeds of adaptation from nature. There are many designs that took inspiration from nature, but there are not many that successfully creates a good result. But we know, Karim Rashid did.

Karim Rashid’s Ottawa Chair looks so green and leafy…

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